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Ox - Granting of Abundance

Ox - Granting of Abundance

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Wish Granting Ox on Coins           #107

Description: Small Ox bronze coloured resin material lying on a auspicious coin base with small oxen with it.
Feng Shui Meaning: This little Ox has a base of coins perfect for reminding us to ask the universe for our prosperity and abundance. This is the Year of the Golden Ox and what better time to have the Wish Granting Ox in our home.  Also has two small Ox with it which is to support our Family and descendants' wishes.  What do we actually want to create around those we love this year. In 2021 we also have the Heaven Qi in the central palace of our home and this is the perfect space for this beautiful little piece to sit in your home. If you are wanting to increase prosperity and connections within your business then place this Ox in the central location of your office or place it on your desk. Not only is he sitting on a bed of coins he also has gold ingots in his bed also which represents prosperity in Feng Shui.

Where to Place it: This little Ox is perfect to represent the metal element and can be used also in the North East, South.
Product Dimensions: H 4.5cm x W. 8.5cm x D. 5.5cm        Weight: 180g on its own

 Happy Feng Shui"ing

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