We practice the art of “Environment Qi”.  Feng Shui means Wind and Water and the flow Qi represents and how this energy can move through you internally, and your space. An ancient Chinese belief that the direction your home is facing, the period your house or office is built, not simply just the way that you arrange objects affects the energy flow supporting your success, health, and happiness. We work with  Classical Compass Feng Shui, 8 Mansions, 5 elements, and the energy of the Bagua to bring you, your best Qi, and environment where you will live, work and play.





CEO, Directors and Management support and re-balance of your office environments creating strong, successful working spaces that allow for growth within the company you own or are running.

Each Staff member –  a Desk for Success

A personal Kua number calculation for their best performance directions

  • Best Team directions
  • Best successful working directions
  • Best communication directions. Best communication locations with other staff members and Management for effective working relationships

Location of each staff member desk

  • Directions of the desk for top performance
  • How to rework the desktop for peak performance
  • We look at the overall layout of the floor plan they are working within and the elements that are in the environment

We recommend  changes that could be made to improve the overall office performance and working environments

  • This would assist with better communication outcomes within the office
  • Create a working environment that your staff and managers want to succeed in
  • Success and wealth growth

We also assist in the implementation and transition of the Business Re-Balance to the environment when required.

This service works well also for Home Business Operators.

Retail Recharge

Turn your store into a destination that customers want to visit and purchase your products or services.

No matter what your product or service is  we can create a store that produces the bottom line results any Retail Owner or Manager would love to see.

Capturing your wealth 

  • Create a retail store for abundance
  • The ideal retail layout
  • Retail layout overhaul and business breakthrough
  • Personalised staff Qi energy for greater results within your business
  • Intention and Mindset Re-Balance


Assessing a Building for Private Use

Eight ways of looking at life with Feng Shui

  • Welcoming Gateways
  • Emotional Cleansing
  • Your Home Energy Chart including
    • Children and Families
    • Health and Abundance
    • Creativity and Knowledge
    • Marriage and Relationships
    • Career and Success
    • Wisdom and Spiritual Support
  • The Pleasure Principle
  • Creating a home for positive relationships and abundance including your family Kua numbers – family members and your connections
  • Beautiful Space Clearing and Home Blessings Ceremony