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We work with you to change your home Environmental Qi of abundance, health, and great relationships that you are currently living in or before your construction, renovation or garden designs begin.



Home Design for abundance and Qi is a specialty.

We will work with you and your builder to bring all the elements and positive Qi energy into your home before you start your build.  Even before you buy your block of land.

If you're already in your home, and need help to change the energy, then we are the experts, with an extensive team working with us to bring positive energy into your home to create to bring all the elements and positive Qi energy into your home. 

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We work closely with Justin from Carius Homes a well respected local registered builder, to ensure your house truly becomes your home.  Justin knows our services and ensures that your home is exactly how you need it to be. It is not rare for us to be throughout your new home while under construction when we work with a builder who encourages a house to become your beautiful home.

Working with your house plans we can design and create the colours, textures, and ranges that work for you and your home following the principles of Feng Shui. We work closely with the builder and trades to ensure that each design is met along the way.

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Let us help you use the 5 elements within your landscaping

We also work closely with Michael from Micco’s
Earthmoving, Landscaping & Supplies for gardens that complement
exactly the style and Qi you require in your home or office. Creating
harmony and balance.

Gardens are the perfect complement to your home or office space.

Our team will work with you through each step. We can help
you start the process or work with you to the end result. Flexible
options are available.

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Selling or Buying a Property.

Need help Selling your home or Buying a property – Feng Shui is a
fantastic tool to help you seize the opportunities that you have and
secure just the perfect outcome every time. Leanne has been 100 %
successful in having properties sold within her client’s time-frames
some within days.

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