Cardboard Detox

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The Cardboard Detox – Space and Clutter Clearing

Specialists in the “Cardboard Detox” clearing and reorganisation of your surroundings, providing emotional support for the energy changes being cleared and uncovering the beliefs around why you cannot Detox on your own.

We will work with you over a long or short period and before we begin we consult with you on the perfect Detox plan for you and your requirements.

We also provide workshops in the “Cardboard Detox” which  give you the confidence to start working on your own. We do not believe that minimal is the answer but that Qi energy needs room to flow and bring us our highest good. You many want to check out Leanne’s book “Becoming Intentional – Empowering YOur Organising Mindset”.

We want to support you in being the Qi Flow in your home and be able to meander through from front to back touching all the rooms in your home and bringing with it Abundance, Health and Great Relationships.  We will support your every step to achieving the new intentions you are setting for you home.

We also provide a beautiful Space Clearing and Home Blessing once you have completed this process for your home and yourself.

Please contact Leanne on her Calendar for a FREE Qi Chat to find out more and see if this is something that may help you.