Leanne Carius ~ Feng Shui Consultant

Leanne Carius the Founder of Feng Shui Store and More, shakes up your environment with a blend of Traditional Eastern Philosophies and the science of modern Western Mindset, finding what works for you, and your external and internal Qi energy.

An Accredited Classically trained Feng Shui Practitioner and more.

Leanne works with you to find a living and working space where your environmental energy achieves your own definition of success, with the ability to make the complex simple. 


Our Preferred Builder

Capture.JPG We will work with you and your builder to bring all the elements and positive Qi energy into your home before you start your build.  Even before you buy your block of land. We work closely with Justin from Carius Homes a well respected local registered builder, to ensure your house truly becomes your home.  Justin knows our services and ensures that your home is exactly how you need it to be. It is not rare for us to be throughout your new home while under construction when we work with a builder who encourages a house to become your beautiful home.

If you are thinking of doing a renovation or new build please contact us for more information on what we can support you with.



“An amazing experience with Leanne who is a great practioner in Feng Shui and shifting your energies. Recommend her very highly.”


“I love this store, so many great and beautiful gifts to give especially for Christmas. Very interesting to know where to place small pieces of the ornaments and what they mean. I love the history and what every piece means.”

Miriam Iselin
“Omgoodness Leanne is AMAZING! Was a speaker at an event I ran for women & she blew everyone away with her knowledge, clarity and expertise … and her range of products is mins blowing. Definitely recommend working with Leanne and buying the pieces that will make all the difference. Amazing ?
Kylie Mowbray-Allen

“Leanne has been helping us Feng Shui our home and Business for 10 years. She is intuitive , passionate and very professional. It has changed our lives both at home and in our business.”

Kathy Thow
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