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Leanne Carius ~ Feng Shui Consultant

Leanne Carius the Founder of Feng Shui Store and More, shakes up your environment with a blend of Traditional Eastern Philosophies and the science of modern Western Mindset, finding what works for you, and your external and internal Qi energy.

An Accredited Classically trained Feng Shui Practitioner and more.

Leanne works with you to find a living and working space where your environmental energy achieves your own definition of success, with the ability to make the complex simple. 

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May you find peace, joy & love

Leanne’s unique understanding of energy and her intuitive energy ability helps her to understand these needs on a deeper level, clearing necessary energy and releasing fear.

Leanne also holds Circles for Clearing Emotional Grief – please contact her for more information.

Leanne works with a beautiful empathy, and a gentle firmness  when required,  in your own relaxed, private and secure environment.


When should I book a Feng Shui Consultation? Watch this 3-minute video below:

  • Leanne Carius works 1:1 online with you, your Human Qi and your home and space ENERGY, and we can delve into any area of your life that you want to change. If you're ready to have your load lightened, and the heaviness lifted, this 1:1 session will be the best investment you've ever made. 

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  • You're invited! Be part of our Inner Feng Shui Circle, a space for inspired conversations, know-hows and support on your Feng Shui Journey.
    Weekly lives from Leanne Carius in our Harmony Qi Facebook Group. Discounted by 50% so you can finish the year strong!

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