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Make your soul happy
through Feng Shui

Frustrated with energy blocks and Ch’i movement throughout your home or office?
Confused with all the different information out there?
Unsure what is the right information for you?

Let me help you.

Find what works for you, your energy and your home or office.

 Find simple but powerful tools to bring harmonious balance to your family home. Assisting family members to meet “their” truth and full potential.

Extensive experience working with builders and landscapers to create your innovative, individual style and design.

We also support Business clients liaising to locate their “power seat” and support them to achieve “their” definition of freedom and success drivers.

Supporting women who think “Balance” is the most important goal.  Forget it Balance is not the key –  when and how to wear each hat of your life is the key.

I provide all this knowledge and energy through workshops, consultations, one on one sessions and our excellent product retail store.

Life purpose, healing and empowerment.
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