This is how I can help you.

With a blend of Eastern Traditional Philosophies and the science of modern Western Mindset – find what works for you, for your external and internal environmental Qi energy,  we call your Internal Temple.

Find simple but powerful tools to bring harmony to your place of work, family home, and all those that live there. Assisting all family members to be curious and to meet “their”  full potential.

Extensive experience working with builders and landscapers to create your innovative, individual style, and design paying particular attention to the Qi that you are living in.

Are you in business and looking for someone to liaise with you to locate your “Power Seat” and support you to achieve “your” definition of freedom and success drivers? Are you looking for how to expand your conscious business?

Are you a passionate woman who has been lead to believe that the standard “Balance” is the most important goal?

Let us face it “Standard” does not work for many of us and “Standard Balance” is not the key. Knowing both your external and internal Qi is the key and aligning your Qi to work with you, not against you brings you brave clarity and awakens your creativity, especially for your soul.

Living, and working in a space where your environmental energy brings you your highest good, that is harmony.

Harmony is the key to life and living well.

I provide resources that bring graceful action, and smart success – whatever that means to you,  including an opportunity to join our fabulous hands-on Retreat “U Own it Wisdom”, within the beautiful shambalas of the world both internationally and locally.

All this Qi connection is provided with kind inspiration and determined action in our retreats, workshops, consultations, one on one sessions, and our excellent product retail store including pop up and online. Leanne also opens her store locally throughout the year by appointment.

Bring Joy and Harmony to your soul, home and work

through Feng Shui

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