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saying “nice guys finish last”You may have heard the saying “nice guys finish last.” People often believe that being kind means you are weak and can be easily taken advantage of.

Many believe we are taught that behind every smile there is an ulterior motive.

We are suspicious and skeptical of others who are kind to us.

But is this really true?

2021 – although shorter lock downs, for many the challenges are still really big. Many are still separated from their families and loved ones, their business is open one day and not the next. Life this year has been hard work and consistent changes.

We just ran a giveaway and asked for our followers to give us a positive that has come out of the last year for them and I was so pleased to see Gratitude and Kindness at the top of the lists.


Kindness does not equal weakness.If there is one thing for sure the Year of the Ox is about just that – hard work – consistency and the big one communication. If this year is teaching us one thing it is how we speak, react, and treat each other and our communities.

Kindness does not equal weakness. On the contrary, it takes a great amount of strength to be kind to someone who thinks differently than you or is slowing you down in some way.

People who perform regular acts of kindness are often more successful, have more social friends and are well liked than those who don’t.

How kindness helps you succeed:

Kindness increases confidence. Studies show that kindness increases your self-worth.

People remember you when you are kind and willing to help others. It sets you apart from others.

Kindness creates a ripple effect. One person being kind in some way spreads to others, who in turn spread kindness. Kindness is contagious, fostering in more kindness.

Kindness evokes a sense of trust. In fact, studies show that even before establishing their own credibility, leaders who are kind and project warmth are more effective than those who lead by being tough.

Kindness helps increase employee performance. Being kind to others makes them happier which in turn makes them more productive.

Kindness bridges gaps between people. It can reach across barriers in language, gender, locality, religion and anything else that causes people to miscommunicate.

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As an example, say you see someone limping on the day you need to reach the next camp. Instead of cursing their weakness and ignoring the pain they are in, you stop to bandage their feet so they can keep up with you.

This is not just being altruistic. If a member of the party lost their ability to hike, your entire group may have to return to the start. Stopping to help a colleague ensures you achieve your own goals.

Kindness is the secret to a successful and fulfilling life. Always be kind because your actions have a bigger impact than you realize not only on you but others as well.

 How is your Kindness showing up this month?

 What ways could you show more Kindness within the spaces you are living and working?

 What’s one way you could show more Kindness to yourself?


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