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Bazi Destiny Chart Full Report

Bazi Destiny Chart Full Report

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Welcome to your Bazi Destiny Chart Reading.

This will be a 60 minute 1:1 zoom session with Leanne.

Zoom is preferred as I can provide you a recording of the session with me, you will also get a copy of your report.

Your BaZi chart helps you see more opportunities for the year and also how you can make the most of the support you have around you.  You will also find an easier way to plan out your year and make better decisions based on the elements that support you and the outcomes of the year.

This chart is your destiny chart but remember when you know more about your destiny you can then use your Human Qi to create greater support and opportunities in the year for success and harmony.

Included in your full BaZi chart reading:

  • Your zodiac sign, including allies and secret friends
  • Your Peach Blossom for romance or building stronger relationships.  This is also great information if you are in business for business strength and support.
  • Your Ming Gua Number including your Power seat direction, direction for optimum health, wealth and relationships
  • Your Natal Chat and understanding how your chart supports you, including business, family and elders.
  • Your element and the 5 Elements - what they are and how they reflect your connections, resources, wealth, influences and your energy levels. Including how to expand these and make the most of them in 2022.
  • The best months for your zodiac and elements this year and the months where you need to be more cautious.
  • The months to travel, study and expand opportunities
  • Who your mentors and helpful people are, the months you will have more support and how to expand these allies this year.

You also get the 2022 Annual Chart included and how the year supports you.  You will also get a copy of your energy chart for the overall year and a break down of your best months.

You will also receive a product voucher to start your Feng shui journey with us.

What I need from You: 

Please be sure to include: 

  • Your Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth as this information is needed to complete your chart.
  • Full name of the person whose chart we are doing.

Looking forward to our time together.


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