Starting with Feng Shui

Starting with Feng Shui

Working with Feng Shui over the years now I have collected a lot of questions that I get asked often.  Here are a few answers to just a few of those questions. 

Especially those who are just starting their Feng Shui Journey.

We practice the art of “Environment Qi”. Put simply, environment qi is the ENERGY OF YOUR SPACE. 

Feng Shui means Wind and Water and the flow Qi represents how this energy can move through you internally, and externally through your living space.

Many people believe that Feng Shui is simpliy just the way that you arrange objects in your home, however, there is so much more to Feng Shui, and getting it right, will change your life.

The ancient Chinese believe:

  • Feng Shui looks at the direction your home is facing
  • Feng Shui considers the period your house or office is built

Both of these aspects affect the energy flow supporting your success, health, and happiness.

We work with  Classical Compass Feng Shui, 8 Mansions, 5 elements, and the energy of the Bagua to bring you, your best Qi, and environment where you will live, work and play. That may sound overwhelming to the absolute beginner, but Leanne Carius - Feng Shui Practitioner, offers 1:1 sessions on zoom (or in your space) and discovers this for you and shares her knowledge relating specifically to your home. 

Feng Shui is the flow of energy or Qi as we call it, that alters how our spaces can feel and how the energy reacts to those living or working in a space. 

how to get started with Feng Shui

Your home will have an individual chart, which is created from the year the home was first lived in. This is the very first person to move into the home, not when you move into the home. If you don't know the history of your home (owned or rented) we can discover more information through deeper diving. 

Another indicator that makes your home unique is the compass direction that your home has and this is taken from the facing (most yang) side of your home. 

We call this your homes Flying Star Chart and it is a combination of numbers that combined, create different energies and how we manage those. Your house plans, or a basic drawing of your home, will make a difference to how accurate your bagua chart will be. 

We can go one step further and bring in the yearly energy, plus the monthly energy mix, this then creates a variety of energies that can either be auspicious for us or inauspicious.

We then need to work with those energies.


We use the concept of "THE 5 ELEMENTS" being Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.  These elements will either enhance or reduce to manage the energy within your space.

The first tip is knowing how this energy supports our spaces and how to interchange the energy with the element.

To allow energy to flow you will need to make room for the energy.

Getting started with Feng Shui

Making room means CLEARING SPACE.  Yeap its time.  Its time to move on the things that no longer work for us or that we no longer use. 

The best way I can describe to do this is to stand at your front door. 

Imagine that YOU are a stream or a breeze, you need to FLOW throughout your space gently and EVERYWHERE.

If you cannot see yourself flowing,  then look hard in those areas as this is where your Qi energy can be getting STUCK.  Yes that is energy STUCK and not supporting you.

Time to start LETTING THINGS GO.

One of the other most important energies to use is your HUMAN QI. 

Feng Shui is made up of 3 energies. 

1.  HEAVEN QI - this is your destiny Qi or the energy that you are born with. 

2.  EARTH QI - this is your Feng Shui energy. 

3. HUMAN QI - this is your Human Luck (QI).

Your Human Qi is simply you getting yourself up and moving and active. 

That means doing - YES DOING.

Movement and taking action are very important as it uses the auspicious Qi and makes things happen.

Don't forget this - how your space makes you feel is very important also, and that has a big impact on you.  As much as using the right areas of your HOME BAGUA to bring about the HARMONY and AUSPICIOUS QI, this makes our lives very different.

If you would like to know more about how to get you HOME BAGUA then join me in a FREE 20 minute QI CHAT and lets chat about changing the QI in your space. 

Simply click the link here.

Happy Feng Shui ing

Leanne and Team Feng Shui

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