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Cleansing and Blessing 2022

Cleansing and Blessing 2022

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I would like to offer you a full Cleansing and Blessing of your home energy.

Limited Appointments available before the 1st of February for our start of the Water Tiger Year 2022.

Must live in the Moreton Bay Region, Sunshine Coast or Brisbane Suburbs.

Clearing Rituals can often seem a little woo hoo and complicated to follow but in actual fact they can be relatively easy and trust me they make such a difference to not only the energy of your home but yours and anyone else living or working in your space.

In this short webinar I am going to share with you the Clearing Rituals that I personally do.

Questions I get asked all the time are:

Why its so important to clear and lighten the energy of your space?

Why its important to cleanse and clear your own energy?

Why grounding your energy is so important in your home?

What saying thanks to your home can do for you?

So lets talk about these and give you the answers to these questions and I am sure more as we go.

Clearing Feng Shui ing
Leanne and Team Feng Shui
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