5 Techniques to Quickly Calm Stress

If you’re human, you’ve probably reached your breaking point more than once throughout your life.  Too much stress can leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and ready to throw in the towel at any given moment. The bad things is, stress often sneaks up on us, so we don’t necessarily realize we’ve reached our breaking point until we’re literally almost over the edge.  

We have some areas of our home this year that do carry our “Clashing Wood” or “Conflict Qi”.  This is quite strong in the South West of our home this year and when there is too much wood, we may want to bring in a little fire element to reduce the “Clashing Wood” energy down.   

If we are already at breaking pointit’s important to know the steps to take to quickly calm yourself down and regain a sense of control so that you can think more clearly. Here are 5 techniques you can try next time stress has you teetering on the edge.  


This is pretty obvious, and it may be the easiest step to take since it’s such a natural thing to do. You can immediately begin to feel better by practicing a few simple breathing exercises.

breathe technique The more oxygen you get into your body, the calmer you begin to feel. You know the old saying, “Count to 10 when you’re angry?” There is some merit in that. As you continue to focus on your breathing, the tension starts to leave your body and it helps pull you back from the edge.

Try this even when you’re not stressed to the max to help clear your mind and be more present in the here and now.

Take a walk/run: 

Get out of your own head and let your feet do the work. Exercise in any form can help relieve stress in a big way.

It not only gets you away from the stressful situation at hand for a moment, but it allows you time to think. One quick tip: leave your phone at home. 

You’ll be able to focus completely on your surroundings, get some fresh air and soak up some sunshine. With no distractions, it will be easier to clear your head and come back home with a new perspective on what you are going through. 

Have a good cry

Have a good cryThere is something to be said about crying it out and letting yourself feel the emotions you’re going through.

Holding back the tears and trying to be strong, is only going to prolong your stress and hurt. You may be surprised at how much better you feel once you let it all out.

Crying is a self-soothing way that you can relieve pain, enhance your mood and reduce your stress levels quickly. Allowing yourself that time to ugly cry can shift your thinking and make your situation not seem so bad after all.  

Talk it out

One of the best ways to pull yourself back from the edge of a breaking point is to talk about how you’re feeling. Grab someone you trust – a close friend or family member and change your conversations. Sometimes it can make you feel 100% better simply by letting someone else in on what you’re going through.

talk out with friendsPlus, most of the time they will have a different perspective or at least some good advice on how to work through your situation. Either way you leave the conversation with more clarity and less stress. 

Just remember not to have the conversation in the South West of your home if your have not addressed the “Clashing Wood” Qi (Chi energy).

Briefly Check Out

When you’re stressed to the max, you need to give yourself time to zone out and focus on something other than the situation at hand.

Try listening to a guided meditation, calming music or even nature sounds. Close your eyes and let yourself be distracted momentarily. Listening to the soothing sounds of music or someone else’s voice can help you relax and destress from the moment. 

You’ll find that once you come back up for air, the stress and tension isn’t nearly as bad.

You don’t have to allow stress to rule your life. If you feel like you’re at the breaking point, try a few of these simple tips to help you calm down quickly and pull yourself back from the edge.   

Happy Feng Shui ing  

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