About Us

We have a small team that is passionate about creating harmonious energy for you to live, work, and play.

Our team knows the benefits of living in a Feng Shui environmental sanctuary where both your internal and external environmental Qi is working for everyone.

With a blend of Eastern Traditional Philosophies and the science of modern Western Mindset – find what works for you, for your external and internal environmental Qi energy,  we call your “Home Sanctuary and Inner Temple”.

Find simple but powerful tools to bring harmony to your place of work, family home, and all those that live there.

Assisting all family members to be curious and to meet “their”  full potential.

Extensive experience working with builders and landscapers to create your innovative, individual style, and design paying particular attention to the Qi that you are living in.

Are you in business and looking for someone to liaise with you to locate your “Power Seat” and support you to achieve “your” definition of freedom and success drivers? Are you looking for how to expand your conscious business?

Are you a passionate woman who has been lead to believe that the standard “Balance” is the most important goal?

Knowing both your external and internal Qi is the key and aligning your Qi to work with you, not against you brings you brave clarity and awakens your creativity, especially for your soul.

Living, and working in a space where your environmental energy brings you your highest good, that is harmony.

Harmony is the key to life and living well.

An Accredited Classically trained Feng Shui Practitioner including:

Chinese Astrology with BaZi and Qi Men Duja,

Form School, 8 Mansions,

Xuan Kong – Flying Stars, and

Space Clearing and Blessing,

Many say a gifted, Mindset Champion, Qi’ Aligner and Changer, with an incredible understanding of human behaviour, environment, and energy.

Working with you to find a living and working space where your environmental energy achieves your own definition of success, and with the ability to make the complex simple.


I provide resources that bring graceful action, and smart success – whatever that means to you, including an opportunity to join our fabulous hands-on Retreat “U Own it Wisdom”, within the beautiful shambalas of the world both internationally and locally.

Creating Retreats has been one of Leanne’s greatest joys – sharing the world shambalas of sacred space, and how those spaces can change the world you are living in.

These retreats are created to bring you hands-on tools and experiences. Those experiences include the opportunity to awaken your creativity, discover your external environmental Qi energy map (including your “Home Sanctuary) and gain clarity in your inner temple Qi energy.

All while discovering “Your” road to where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there.

All this Qi connection is provided with kind inspiration and gracious action in our retreats, workshops, consultations, one on one sessions, and our excellent product retail store including pop up and online. Opened locally throughout the year by appointment.


Travelling overseas including Japan, Hong Kong, and to China two to three times a year to connect with suppliers and experts in the Feng Shui industry and bring traditional authentic tools, products, and items back for her Australian market and clients that are not only exceptional quality and beautiful, but affordable for all customers.

This is now achieved via zoom and online, but we are still working with our known families in these countries.

We take great pride in where are products are sourced and the families, who make those products from around the world. Many of our products are made from traditional customs and by people from those customs, which makes our products authentic to the feng shui industry.

We only import products where we know our supplies and manufacturers, where we know that our dollars are spent in these regions are going to ethical trade families and businesses.

All products are cleansed and blessed and each product has a explanation of their purpose and how to use them.

Happy Feng Shui'ing




I am a wife to the most amazing man for over 37 years,

a Mother to 4 independent successful children and their partners,

a Grandmother to 5 beautiful joys – with more on the way

The eldest of my sibling tribe and an extremely large family of over 40 members

A lover of motorbikes, travel, family history, reading, and dancing.

An advocate for realness, honesty, and connection.

Surrounded by a beautiful circle that supports each other.

I am a conscious business builder with an understanding of energy, searching for new and creative ways to awaken that energy for others and their environments.

After leaving a more corporate role I am thrilled to be following my joy and passion, along with others following theirs, in the same creative way that my recipe showed me to reach the “Richness of my Beautiful Life”®.