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Tsi Shen with Scroll and Wealth Bowl East

Tsi Shen with Scroll and Wealth Bowl East

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Tsi Shen with Scroll and Wealth Bowl    Solar   East       #3

Description: Made from a high quality material.  Medium - works off solar power and his head bobbles.
Feng Shui Meaning:  The king of wealth luck, one of the most popular wealth gods. China is one country that has a God related to abundance and is always in most homes. Holding the scroll and wealth bowl. Welcoming in the abundance.  The wealth bowl represents abundance and fortune. Displaying this wealth god is said to bring protection for your financial life. 

Where to Place it: Best place to display in front of the entrance door - especially if in the East. Place on a small stand, off the floor facing toward the door. Must get plenty of light - Good in the East of your home. His head will move slowly and consistently. In an office,  you could place on your desk if you have the room or a stand facing the entry door, For retail space place near or on the counter or again on a stand near the front entrance to welcome the wealth.

Product Dimensions: H. 17cm x W. 16.5cm x D. 9.5cms        Weight: 193grams

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