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Temple Lions Large

Temple Lions Large

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Temple Lion Pair Set of 2        #61

Description: Large / Red Colour Resin- Large High Quality Resin Material
Feng Shui Meaning: 
Statues have traditionally stood at the entrance of Chinese Imperial palaces, Imperial tombs, government offices, temples,  and were said to have powerful mythic protective benefits. They are also known as Fu Dogs, guardian Lions, or Lion Dogs. Temple Lions are a powerful guardian protection for your home or business. Female represents Yin and the Male represents Yang Energy.
Where to Place it: 
Place the Female on the left hand side of the door and the Male on the right hand side. As you are looking out the door. Place them on the outside of your doorway for protection. 
Product Dimensions: H. 16cm x L. 9cm x D. 6.5cm    Weight: 2.226Kg boxed

Happy Feng Shui'ing 


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