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Guan Yu Warrior Hanger

Guan Yu Warrior Hanger

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Guan Yu Warrior Hanger        #19

Description: Guan Yu Warrior Hanger (Red resin medallion)
Feng Shui Meaning: Perfect for the man of the home or business. Also known as Guan Gong or Guan Yun Chang. General Guan Yu is a historical warrior in the Han Dynasty and is worshiped for his qualities more than a mighty warrior. Traits such as Integrity, protection, Trustworthy, bravery. He is a protector of your good name in the business. Extremely loyal to his brotherhood pact. He is well known, and his image is displayed everywhere.
Where to Place it: Place behind your desk or office counter for support and strength. Excellent for offices which support Managers and Business owners.
Product Dimensions: Hanger 37cm. Medallion - H 7.5cm x W4.5 cm. Weight: 52g

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