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Quan Yin Sitting on Lotus

Quan Yin Sitting on Lotus

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Quan Yin Sitting on Lotus       #84

Description: Quan Yin Sitting on Lotus (Bronze Look/Large). She carries the jar of life nectar which is the symbol of good fortune.
Feng Shui Meaning: One of the most popular deities for your alter. Quan Yin Represents Compassion, Protection, Mercy and Unconditional Love. Goddess of Mercy, the eternal protector of children on earth. Quan Yin represents the easing of suffering on earth. If not enshrined. 
Where to Place it: Quan Yin is also excellent for placing in your family room or family gathering area to assist with creating peace.
Product Dimensions: 
 H-29cm W-14cm D-13.5cm      Weight: 1.924Kg

Happy Feng Shui'ing 

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