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Neko Cat Ceramic

Neko Cat Ceramic

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Neko Cat                SW406 #F

Description:  Neko Cat sitting on cushion.  Holding a drum and scroll. Works with 2 x AA batteries

(White Ceramic/Medium)
Feng Shui Meaning: 
The Japanese Maneki Neko cat. This means a beckoning Cat to bring in positive Qi flow within your home or office. When its arm is moving backward and forwards it is attracting your abundance into your home or business. Many would say they are originally from Japan but have been known to be in many homes and especially businesses in China for many years. When its arm is moving backwards and forwards it is attracting your abundance into your home or business. Left hand waving means the welcoming of customers and good fortune. Its a little excavator drawing in your abundance with his welcoming hand drawing it in.

Where to Place it: Place at the front door or entry and needs to always be working. For a retail space have near your counter and cash register and ensure its hand is always swinging.

Product Dimensions: Height 23cm x Width 23cm

Weight Boxed: 1.188kg boxed

Happy Feng Shu'ing

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Nicer and bigger than expected

Good service. Prompt with emails. Had to contact them quite a few times as was accidentally given wrong tracking number but goods arrived on time

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