Buddha - Medicine (Ivory White colour) supreme healer

Buddha - Medicine - White

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Buddha - Medicine  White      #94

Description: Medicine (Ivory White colour) He carries a bowl with the medicinal plant myrobalan. Myrobalan is from the tree Terminala Chebula, related to the Cherry Plum and grows in Nepal and China, and it is said that the nut is ground by Buddha .
Feng Shui Meaning: The medicine Buddha reminds us that to heal we need to understand our illness - be aware of any emotional un-wellness which may cause us Dis-ease, let go of what we can so that we can heal. This Buddha belief is that he is the healer of suffering and his teachings are the medicine.

Where to Place it: You can place it close to someone who wants to support their healing. in 2022 Place in the South West to reduce the earth elements of the Flying Star energy #2.

Product Dimensions: H-11.5cm x W-6.5cm x D-5cm      Weight: 186grams