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Red Windhorse Keyring

Red Windhorse Keyring

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Red Victory Horse          #5

Description:  Red Victory Horse
Feng Shui Meaning: The Chinese Zodiac of the Horse is represented by the Feng Shui Element of Fire. The Horse itself represents forward movement and success. Feng Shui Horse symbolizes success, loyalty, courage, speed, and endurance. A horse can bring career success, the business, strengthen the image of a dynamic person. When the Victory Horse is moving forward and red it represents strong progress and advancement. Used to increase opportunities and  achieve your goals. Used to bring motivation and success energies. Can bring career advancement
Where to Place it: Carry with you or display in your office. Great for adding to your keyring or attaching to your office bag.
Product Dimensions: H cm x W cm x D cm        Weight: 24g

Happy Feng Shui'ing

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