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Blue Rhino & Elephant Keyring

Blue Rhino & Elephant Keyring

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Blue Rhino Keyring.            #6


Feng Shui Meaning: To bring a Feng shui protection remedy for your home and office. Place as a remedy for the yearly #7 Flying Star. Is used for the protection from robbery and violence against you. The reason the Blue Rhino which represents the water element in the 5 Elements of Feng shui is said to reduce this energy  as #7 energy represents the metal element.
Where to Place it: Carry with you or in your car for protection. Very good for women especially if you travel alone. Use on your baggage when travelling to remind you to be vigilant in the space around you.
Product Dimensions: 9.5cm long  Rhino: 4.5L x 2H  Baby Elephant: 2L x 2H

Weight: 124g

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