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Buddha with Money Bag, Wulou and Tablet of Dreams

Buddha with Money Bag, Wulou and Tablet of Dreams

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Buddha with Money Bag, Wulou and Tablet        #9f

Description: Buddha Carrying Money Bag, Wulou, Mala Beads And Tablet
Feng Shui Meaning: Buddha with: Money Bag- support your abundance wishes. Wulou - remedy supporting well being. Tablet of Dreams - Written dreams and wishes for the universe. Mala beads - to remind us to be thoughtful. Buddha supports our dreams and wishes for success, health, wealth, and abundance for all those within the living and working environment he is placed in.

The Laughing Buddha is said to bring us auspicious luck with happiness. A full and rounded joyful Buddha, based on the historical Gautama Buddha from China. A well rounded Buddha was said to have abundance, with his tablet of knowledge.
Where to Place it: Place him in a prominent position within your space where he can remind to be thoughtful of your dreams and wishes.  Give thanks for the opportunities. 
Product Dimensions: H-9cm W-6.5cm D-6cm              Weight 280grams

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