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Fu Lu and Shou (The 3 Gods)

Fu Lu and Shou (The 3 Gods)

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Fu, Lu, Shou Set of 3 (The Three Gods)    #76

Description: Small - Red resin material
Feng Shui Meaning: Perfect for the man of the home or business. Are popular gods  Fu, Lu and Shou, and are displayed in the home to encourage health, wealth, and happiness. Fu - represents connection and family, blessings from good fortune. Lu - represents prosperity, business strength and success. Shou - represents health and well-being. You will often find Shou outside of the group symbolizing longevity. Together the three symbolize just about everything that makes people happy and contented. Used to remind us of our intentions to attract all the luck into your life.
Where to Place it: Place in your living space higher up like a dining table or wall stand, in a living room or lounge area. If for business place at the back of the Owner or Manager for strong support. If for a retail space place amongst the activity to activate good fortune.
Product Dimensions: Fu: H 12.5cm x W 5cm (Base)

Lu: H 12.5cm x W 5.5cm (Base)

Shou: H12cm x W 5.5cm (Base)

Weight: 805g the set

Happy Feng Shui'ing

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