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2023 ~ The Year of the Rabbit!

Feng Shui 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, which is predicted by many to be a year of prosperity, through investment and business activities. Love relationships are going to be very important in luck prediction in 2023. You’ll have plenty of energy and strength to succeed at business, in love, and socialisation.  Networking and connections are very important in 2023.

The Chinese Zodiac is a system used to predict the personality and characteristics of animals, people, and other creatures. It was created by Chang'e (the Goddess of the Moon), who divided her time between heaven and earth. Each year has an animal sign that reflects how it would be represented in human society.

Rabbits have always been seen as gentle creatures who love nature but can be timid at times; this makes them very easy going unless provoked by someone else's actions or words! These qualities make Rabbits good listeners when someone shares their feelings about something bothering them; however if you want your rabbit friend/family member to respond quickly then try talking about something exciting instead such as travel plans where there could be some fun moments along with some frustration too!

Wealth element lucky colour in 2023
  • In the year of 2023, the wealth element will be represented by the colour red and the fire element in the South. This is a great time to buy furniture or decorating items that you can use in your home. Pink is also a good colour for babies’ rooms because it helps them sleep better and feel more secure.
  • The best way to ensure that your house looks beautiful during the year of the rabbit, is by using colour to accentuate the elements throughout your home!  The Fire Element represents prosperity and success so make sure you use this colour wisely when decorating your home! - It is always wise to check with a Feng Shui Specialist on the best areas in your home to use these colours. Where can you add a little colour in your home? 
  • Purple shades are also good luck symbols because they represent wisdom and knowledge; therefore they will help bring positive energy into our lives during 2023 as well!

The Year of the Rabbit is predicted by many to be a year of prosperity, through investment and business activities
  • For many with Auspicious Stars, looking to start a new business or invest in real estate, this is a good year for you. In particular, it's said that investments will do well if they are made during the month of April (the month associated with the rabbit). This means that if you have an idea for something but need funds before starting it up, now would be an ideal time!
  • People who have businesses or investments should consider making them now because they will likely appreciate even more once they're up and running (and hopefully profitable).

Love relationships are going to be very important in luck prediction in 2023

This may be the year that women become more assertive and men more willing to compromise. Men will also seem more romantic and women will be more open to receiving gifts from their lovers or spouses.

Important dates January 22nd - March 19th

The first half of the year is a time to focus on finding balance and harmony within yourself. During this period, you should be focusing on your health and wellbeing as well as taking care of any personal projects that need attention.


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In conclusion, 2023 is predicted to be an important one for business and money. You may also find yourself in some romantic relationships which will bring you happiness and joy. It is also a good year for those who are looking for wealth through investments or new ventures. Want to know more about the year 2023? Book your free 20 minute Qi chat here

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