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Transform Your Gathering Spaces: Feng Shui Tips for Christmas


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Here we are again, right at the heart of the festive season, a time for creating memorable experiences with our loved ones; family and friends. No matter what kind of celebration you're planning this holiday season, our goal is to help make it as joyous and unforgettable as possible, with as little friction as possible!

From across Australia to family and friends around the globe, we're all gearing up for those wonderful gatherings that bring everyone together to create memories. 

I am sitting with some mixed feelings – as we are gathering early this year with our family as Rob and I are venturing to Europe for a white Christmas so I am  intending to gather those far and wide from me and make the most of this special time of year, only early.

Actually I get to do our Gathering twice, once here in Australia and the second time in Europe.  My most favourite time of year. Christmas and Snow.

If you have been following the Baguas for 2023 in our group then you will know that the energy for December is as always going to have some amazing spaces and of course those we want to keep calmer and quieter.

Planning on celebrating Christmas or the holiday season 

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then you need to be sure you know exactly where to place those gatherings for the best day you can have.

We all know that intentions are one of the biggest factors. Remember you are in control of your Human Luck and how you set those intentions and the outcomes that we create.

How will your gathering go?

So what does it mean, if you want to gather family and friends for a celebration?

You need to be sure to choose one of the most auspicious spaces – this can include your outdoor areas as well.

 The best spaces in December in your home are:

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  • South West - Victory Qi, Romance and Creative Energies - Great for the Mummas as well. 
  • WestFuture Abundance and Heaven Qi
  • South - Sum of Ten - which means getting things done successfully, just be cautious of your wellness with being restrictive of the Fire element we add to this area

Have loved ones that have passed over this year?

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Bring them to the table also, remember them and include them in your gathering then place their photo or items in the North East of your home.

If you are bringing your family together after some time apart, or some worry about blending together, then you will certainly want to avoid the North this month.

This area has our disagreements and conflict Qi.  If you have no other choice, then bring in all the red Christmas holiday cheers you can with the fire element to suppress the Quarrelsome Qi. On the positive though you do have Future Abundance Qi in here and that will love some Fire Element.

You want to be sure that you do not bring up those old family favorite conflict starters:

  • like the old saying – no politics and religion,
  • any previous grievances – there will always be another day for those conversations.
  • and anything that will have members of your gathering on the wrong side of the fence.

The North West we have been cautious of for 2023 due to the Emperor’s Qi there and the representation of misfortune for us. The East is also carrying the Emperor's Qi

If this is the only space you can accommodate your gathering then be careful that you add no fire element, during the month of December in this space, so it is going to be a balancing act for sure, but calm and quiet will help. 

You may bring in your metal ornaments and metal colors, you could bring in more Queensland colors of the yellows and lemons which would work really well here. Colours are not a real Feng Shui remedy but it helps when remembering the elements that you are using to bring the colours together as well.

Keep it as quiet as you can. 

The Gathering | Keep it as quiet as you can

I have a client who has moved their dining table so that they can gather in a more auspicious space due to her limited space. 

We have placed her Christmas tree and gifts in the North West as she has nowhere else to place them though, she has decided that when it’s Santa’s time she will gather the gifts and hand them out to her visitors at the dining table so that they remain in her most positive Qi in her central palace during the gathering.

This year she has created a wonderful outdoor gathering space - which we can do here in Australia for this time of year is our summer. So when they gather and share the gift giving they will be using the Qi of Victory, Romance and Creative energy.

To you all have a special Gathering Season - what that means to you and to anyone who has lost a significant other no matter how that has happened for you remember you are always connected.

red string love connection - connecting to others - feng shui - leanne carius - australia

A wonderful man who has helped me through much of my grief this year,  told me to remember no matter what, we are all connected with the thin string line joining us all no matter whether here or passed or estranged. 

When I feel the tug on that string, which could be a thought of someone then we are connecting and to simply send out love.

A simple way that he has shared with me to share love without the grief is to think of my dahlia flower in full bloom and it keeps me in a place of joy and peace while sending the love through the string connection.  

What that means to you and to anyone who has lost a significant other no matter how that has happened for you remember you are always connected.

Happy Gathering


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