• Are you ready to bring the best energy into your spaces for 2024?

    How about your best energy and how you can synchronize the energy of 2024?
    Have you ever wanted to try Feng Shui but thought it was all too hard?This is just not about money (though we do find that for you as well)

    It is about:

    • Health,
    • Relationships, (Family, Partners, Children, Friends and Colleagues)
    • Harmony
    • Growth

    "The Chinese New Year of the Wood Dragon is a time of transformation and growth. The Celestial Dragon brings all the Celestial energy with it. In this workshop, we will explore the ancient art of Feng Shui a powerful practice to welcome prosperity, harmony, and positive energy into our lives."

    Whether you are renting, or own or living with others, I will show you how to utilize the energy for all you are looking for in 2024. 

  • Create the home you've always wanted

    JOYOUS ABUNDANCE and HARMONYenergy - in all that you have wanted to come your way. We will turn you house into the HOME you have been wanting to create.We are going to also touch on how your HUMAN QI can support you in 2024 and make things happen. Take some time to really think about what you are wanting this year, and I will show you where and how you can find opportunities in 2024.We will bring HARMONY and BALANCE to the elements, spaces and people within you your home.This year for the first time since 2019 I am going to join you in person and bring you an exciting Feng Shui Workshop for the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024.

  • The details:

    WORKSHOP LEVEL: This workshop is for Beginners to those more skilled on their Feng Shui journey.
    LOCATION: Caboolture Square Shopping Centre - 60 King Street Caboolture - Workshop Space (details of room number will be in your email sent once you have secured your seat)
    TIME: 9AM to 1.30pm
    Morning Tea will be provided and coffee and tea throughout the day.  There are several food outlets if you would like to purchase a brew before you join us and Coles Supermarket is in the center also if you have any dietary concerns with food.  (Please speak to our team if you would like more on this at hello@fengshuistoreandmore.com)
    CAR PARKING:  You will find parking available at Caboolture Square with plenty of car parking spaces and there is no time limit for those attending the workshop.
    TRANSPORT OPTIONS: There is also a bus service to the front door - please check the bus timetables for the area.Caboolture Rail Station is only a 7min walk to the center if you need to catch a train.

Riding the energy of the Wood Dragon WORKSHOP

The Wood Dragon Year is a year of new energy with the arrival of the Period #9 energy which will be with us from 2024 to 2044. 

This combined with the Dragon Year adds a very new and dynamic energy to our homes.  We will be working with a SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE method with the 5 Elements and Flying Stars Feng Shui.

Do you want this year to be well thought out and well organised?

A workbook will be provided along with some special offers and surprises.


When you have your spaceELEMENTS,  ENERGY & HARMONYworking for you – you will see more opportunities, find mentors and wise ones who will support you through those opportunities.

This coming year 2024 is about the Celestial Dragon the fifth in our Chinese Zodiac- a year of newness. The Wood Dragon brings growth, newness, strength and success.

Want to know more?

Join me in person in this LIVE Workshop, so we can get your space ready for the year of the Wood Dragon."

Join me in this easy to follow workshop, where I support you to navigate the year ahead, define the most harmonious areas of your living and working space, learn how to create and take action to make 2024 work with you."SEATS ARE LIMITED TO BOOK YOUR SEAT NOW. 

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Happy Feng Shui ing~ Leanne Carius