2023 Year of the Water Rabbit Webinar

Hello and welcome to the Year of the Yin WATER Rabbit 2023.


Are you wanting to learn more about "Abundance Qi" in Feng Shui and the environmental energy surrounding yourself with more than just wealth.

How about abundant health and abundance in your relationships.

Want to learn more about the energy of the year and how the energy of your spaces can make a huge difference to how that energy works for you.

Hi, I am Leanne, and I cannot wait to walk with you on your Feng Shui journey and the energy of your home.

Join me in my up and coming webinar (To Be Confirmed soon)

What we will cover in the Webinar

In this 3 hour webinar we are going to be reviewing the Year of the Water Rabbit -The energy and Feng Shui Qi that is located in your space this year.

You will discover:

How to locate the right areas of your Bagua within your space

Where the energy that works best for your office is located

What areas to avoid and keep calm and quiet this year

The areas that are awesome for kids or yourself for learning and study in 2023 especially if you are doing exams from home.

How to connect to your space and how to understand what your space is telling you throughout the year.

How to cleanse and bless your space and a few little tips for clearing your own energy to enhance your own Human Qi.

Your zodiac updates and how the energy of the year is going to support you or where you need to focus on your Human Qi and the 5 Elements to bring you more of what you are searching for.

You will also get access to our Changing QI Inner Circle for the year including working with me each and every month to review the energy of the month and the enhancers and remedies that need to be allocated or changed.

We will work with the Bagua of your space and the yearly and monthly flying stars charts during the year..

You will also get a copy of my Year of the Water Rabbit Ebook to refer back to during the year.

You will receive access to this webinar for the whole year to refer back to when you need.

Some Facts about the Water Rabbit Year

The Rabbit represents Yin Energy.

The Rabbit is the fourth animal in the Chinese Zodiac, and he resides in the East of our Zodiac.

The Year is the Yin Water Year – Still water as in 2022 but this year it is Yin not Yang water flow.

The Rabbit represents the Wood Element.

Considered to have the ability to produce and reproduce. He is gentle in nature and can have some wonderful hidden emotional elements particularly with the water energy of the year.