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Wealth Bowl with Dragon Lid

Wealth Bowl with Dragon Lid

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Wealth Bowl with Dragon Lid          #22

Description: This decorative bowl with Dragon lid is a beautiful piece and well made.
Feng Shui Meaning: You can use this bowl for your wealth bowl by placing Chinese ancient coins inside and placing in your abundance section of your home. The Dragon represents success and protection. This little bowl if for placing items that represent abundance for you.  Dragons are strong symbols and yang energy. They are great for areas in your life that  require strength, courage, protection, enthusiasm, and prosperity

Where to Place it: Dragons should be placed in the East of your home or office.  Place on your desk on the left-hand side. Place on the right-hand side of entry or shelf in living area. 

Product Dimensions: Bowl Height 4cm x Width 4.5cms - together Height 6.5 x Width 4.5cm

Weight: 276g

Happy Feng Shui"ing

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