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Chinese Coin with Nature Setting

Chinese Coin with Nature Setting

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Chinese Coin with Nature Setting         #28

Description: Chinese Coin with Nature Setting - XL Rusty Colour
Feng Shui Meaning: Symbolize prosperity. Coins were used as amulets as protection. Bring abundance and good fortune. 

Where to Place it: Place in your wealth sector of your home Bagua, your office or where you need auspicious reminders.Place where you need to have a fire or earth element remedy or enhancer when working with the 5 element Feng Shui due to the colour and material of this product.  You can also use when working with the Flying Stars Feng Shui to place where you have the Flying Stars #3, #8 or #9 in your chart or with the annuals for the year.
Product Dimensions: H - 35cms x W 34cms x D 12.4cm

Weight: 2.313Kg

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