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Chinese Feng Shui Coin Hanger

Chinese Feng Shui Coin Hanger

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Auspicious Coins Hanger           #59-60-61

Small | Medium | Large
Description: Chinese Coin Hanger. (Metal Coin material with red string) 
Feng Shui Meaning: 
Symbolize prosperity.. Coins were used as amulets as protection, place as a metal cure in your home.
Where to Place it: Place where you need to have a metal element remedy or enhancer when working with the 5 element Feng Shui.  You can also use when working with the Flying Stars Feng Shui to place where you have the Flying Stars #5 or #2 in your chart or with the annuals for the year.
Product Dimensions:
Small: Hanger:  33 cm long  Medallion: 10.5 cm × 10.5cm. Weight: 72g
Medium: Hanger:  38cm. Medallion: 12.5 cm x 12.5cm. Weight: 97
Large: Hanger: 42 cm. long    Coin - 15.5cm x 15.5cm.  Weight 170g

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