Bagua  mirror for protection harmony

Bagua Mirror Concave

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BAGUA MIRROR             #49

Description: Bagua Mirror Concave (Timber/Yellow)

Feng Shui Meaning:  The Bagua Mirror is a powerful Feng Shui talisman of good luck to ward off Sha Qi evil spirits, negative influences, arguments and disharmony. The Trigrams of the Ba Gua form a perfect match representing universal harmony. The yellow Ba Gua mirror is especially good for the annual star #5.

Where to Place it: Hang on the outside of your front door or direction of negative energy for great Feng Shui protection. Sha Qi energy includes trees, power poles or obstacles that are facing towards your front door. 

Product Dimensions:  11 × 11 × 11 cm         Weight: 77grams

Happy Feng Shui'ing