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Auspicious 6 Coins Yellow Hanger

Auspicious 6 Coins Yellow Hanger

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Auspicious 6 Coins Hanger     (Earth)     #34

Description: Hanger Auspicious 6 Coins (Yellow Tassels)
Feng Shui Meaning: 
Symbolize prosperity. Coins were used as amulets as protection. Remember your intentions. It symbolizes prosperity and protection. Yellow represents – Earth in the 5 Element Feng Shui. Represents the intentions of  protection and support working to remedy the Flying Star energy of the #5 and #2 energy.

Where to Place it: Hang in your home or office to bring abundance particularly for those who are looking for more wisdom
Product Dimensions: 
Hanger: 30cm long. coins are 2cm circumference., Weight: 27g

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Customer Reviews

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Kylie Mowbray-Allen
This is so good!!!

I love this coin hanger - it's doing wonders in my south east and adding a strong metal element, and looks good too!!! Love your shop - thank you xx

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