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Eight Immortals

Eight Immortals

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Eight Immortals Bronze               #59

Description: Eight Immortals  Bronze coloured resin
Feng Shui Meaning: Representing the 8 mortals of male and female, the youth and aged, the noble and wealthy, and the humble Chinese. Each carrying a tool or wisdom that they are skilled in giving this wisdom to others. Together they bring to your home or office this wisdom and skill to balance and bring harmony to life and nature itself.
Where to Place it: Place in a prominent place within your home facing inwards. When working with the 5 Elements this product represents the metal element. If using the Flying Stars you will want to place this where you have your knowledge and wisdom energy or as above are looking to place a metal remedy or enhancer.
Product Dimensions: Dimensions: H 15cm x  W 13.5 m x D 8cm.      Weight: 441g

Happy Feng Shui'ing

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