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Wow how are you going so far?
Here are some simple effective placement ideas for your home in 2019.
This is a guide only and your home Bagua will have energy that may alter some of these cures and enhancers.

We have kept these simple for you to use and they are generic cures and enhancers for the energy the is coming into our homes this year.
To find out more how the energy will work in your own home more specifically, join us for more information either at one of our workshops or a consultation for your specific “Home Energy Revamp”.

CENTER Tai Jai – the heart of the home being the energy for all those who live in the home. Represents our wealth and health.

Open floor plan homes will benefit greatly here.
2019 we have the energy of abundance will work for all those living in this home.

This energy will bring opportunities so be on the look out and make sure you act on each one. This is a wealth creating area for this year.

Keep the centre clean and clear to strengthen this vibrant energy.
One of the best areas of your home and should be used often especially for 2019.

Cures and Enhancers in 2019.
• Add crystals and gem trees
• Your wealth bowl will have a great spot here
• Add some red to activate the energy.
• NOTE: Be cautious with children in this area – mishaps and injuries including broken limbs. Careful of injuries with sport this year

NORTH –Represents our career.
2019 – we have the energy of romance and knowledge coming in this year.
A great place to work on resumes and career aspirations.
A great place to study particularly when its exam time.
Excellent journaling and writing area – start that book.
Cures and Enhancers in 2019.
• Add your mandarin ducks and rose quartz hearts to this area for romance
• Place your education tower into this area of your home.
 NOTE: be careful on how much water you add to this area for unwanted attention in your relationships.

NORTH EAST – this area represents study, knowledge and wisdom
2019 – we do not have the best of energy here in 2019. Our illness energy in coming in this area.
This energy can also cause illness to our finances.
Cures and Enhancers in 2019.
• Add you Wulou
• Do not burn candles for 2019 especially if someone already has health issues.
• Take any red out of this area for this year
• Windchime in this area

EAST – this is the area of Family and our health
2019 we have the energy of opportunity, career support and promotion.
Cures and Enhancers in 2019.
• Add metal objects here such as lucky coins, gold ingots.
• The colour while is also excellent here

SOUTH EAST – this is the area of our abundance our wealth creating.
2019 we have the energy that represents theft, injuries and robbery.
Short change energy comes to the South East weakening cash flow.
This energy can bring competition in business, disloyalty and theft.
This can include someone stealing your ideas.
Don’t fritter money this year and watch arguments around money.
Just watch for conflict in these areas and if there is some bring in a little red colour.
With your front entrance in this direction you will need to ensure all your cures are in place and be cautious.
Take care of all your home security ready for this year.
Cures and Enhancers in 2019.
• Add Pi Yao in this area facing towards the North West of your home.
• Update and add 3 Lucky bamboo in a vase of water. Do not add any stones or earth to this clear vase of water
• Dragon tortoise would be good in this area for protection.
• Watch this area your windows in this section.
• You can use the Blue rhino or an elephant
• Blue and water colours here also good.
• Place Guan Yu our warrior protector here.
• Place a salt water cure here.

SOUTH – this is the area of reputation, fame and social status – this is the energy of how others see you.
2019 we have the energy of gossip and arguments. Be careful if you have a front door or sleep in this area of your home.

Be aware when things become a little biter. Could bring some backstabbing.
Cures and Enhancers in 2019.
• Bring the colour red into this area, if you are feeling more argumentive then place some more red into this area.

SOUTH WEST – this is the area representing the head female – marriage and relationships.
Represents the abdominals and reproductive organs.
2019 we have the energy of misfortune here. This is one that we need to ensure we place our cures.
The energy will be more strongly felt by women and any who has a bedroom in this area of the home and can bring negative energy to relationships and health. You need to make sure you have those check-ups and follow through.

Cures and Enhancers in 2019.
• Guan Yu is a warrior protector and is excellent for facing and entry you may have in this area.
• 5 Element Pagoda in this area
• Remove any BBQ in this area outside
• No candles
• Do not renovate or any garden construction soil turning in this area this year. Quite area
• Remove all reds from this area
• Bring in the Emperors Yellow. Yellow colours, gold and metal objects
• A new salt water cure to reduce the negativity inside the home is important here.

WEST – this is the area of family, children and creativity
2019 we have the energy of victory and helping.
2019 also sees the energy of 3 Killings here: make sure you FACE the WEST
Cures and Enhancers in 2019.
• Do not do any renovations in this area for 2019.
• No earthworks or loud noise. If you are renovating be careful, best to keep quiet and not activate the San Sha. (the #1 energy will lessen the impact)
• Dragon Tortoise placed here
• Anything gold or metal here. Coins
• Use this area for this year to activate the energy.

NORTH WEST – this is the area of the head male of our homes. The area of helpful people, travel and mentors.
2019 we have the energy of future prosperity – the multiplying energy arriving this year. Head male and fathers will have a better year this year with the energy change.
2019 also sees the Grand Duke is in this area so just do not face directly into this area.
It can have the potential to lead to a loss of wealth.
Cures and Enhancers in 2019.
• Be careful of red in this area
• Make sure you have your Pia Yao in the South East facing into the North West.

Energy can take up to a few weeks to change and move through you home, and at any time you feel the energy is becoming negative or not strong enough then please PM me and we can work with you on more specific information.

Enhancing Feng Shui ing
Blessings Leanne

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