Feng Shui ~ working with your Bagua

Feng Shui ~ working with your Bagua


Working with our Bagua Directions
IT can seem complicated starting but once you have worked your way through it slowly and carefully it will all start to make such a difference to your energy.

Firstly you will need to identify your facing side of your home.

This is the area your home faces and will include:
1. The YANG active side of your home
2. The most open area of your home, more doors, windows
3. The side of your home that your home was designed to face e.g. if you live on a canal, back onto a tropical forest.
4. The area that your designer wanted you to live in the most for the view.
5. This is not always the front door entry.

Once you have that located you will need to take a compass reading so that you know the directions of your home.

Another simple way if you do not have a compass is the following:
Draw up 9 squares on paper and pick 1 square to start with.

Stand with the sun rising to your back and face into your home take your directions you are standing in the East,

  • SE is on the left-hand side to you –
  • NE is to the right-hand side to you,
  • West is directly in front of you on the other side of the house, then
  • SW is located on the left of West and
  • NW is located on the right of West,
  • North is between NW and NE,
  • South is between SW and SE and
  • yes you have the heart of your home in middle of the grid.

You will now need to take your house plan out and mark the Bagua onto your plan.
Next, we start working with the energy of your home.

Gather all your Feng shui cures and enhancers you have around the home and place them into a large box or basket.
If you have not already take your items:
1. Place into the sun or moonlight to cleanse. I always give these items a wipe over or spray sage whilst setting my intentions for the new year with them. (I always set the intentions when I am placing into their new position also)
2. Remove all your Salt Water Cures and ensure they are placed into a plastic bag, thank them and put into the bin. Do not keep any coins or jars from this cure.
3. Any broken cures or enhancers I always replace – coins I thank and place into the earth.
4. I always replace my Bagua mirrors at our entrances and where we have the #5 energy each year.
5. Everything we exchange in our home is always thanked with gratitude for protecting and bringing us such abundance, health, and opportunities.
6. I always gather all my red items and yellow items (rugs, cushions, towels) into one place so that I can place them where they need to go for the new energies.

Happy Gathering Feng Shui ing

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