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Four plants that can bring you luck and prosperity in your home and workplace

Feng shui is the Chinese art of gaining good fortune. It's an ancient practise that has been passed down through generations and can be used to bring balance into your life. One of the keys to better energy in Feng Shui is having the right plants around you, both indoors and outdoors. Having plants in your home or workplace can bring you luck and prosperity ... let's delve into exactly what plants can help you with that!

Lucky bamboo

One of the most well-known feng shui plants is the lucky bamboo. In fact, in Chinese, the lucky bamboo is known as Fu Gwey Zhu which has three symbols signifying Fu -Luck and Fortune, Gwey -Power and Honour, Zhu -Bamboo. Lucky bamboo is believed to bring harmony among the five Feng Shui elements: water, fire, earth, wood and metal for a more positive life experience.

The lucky bamboo plant has been used for centuries as an important element in creating wealth and prosperity. The reason why it's so special is because it helps balance out negative energy by bringing chi energy into your home or office space which will allow you to attract more favorable circumstances into your life!

feng shui and more luck bamboo which plant is right for feng shui

Peace Lily

Peace Lily plants, also known as peace lilies or Fargesia murielae, are one of the best feng shui plants to use in your home or office. They symbolise Yang energy which is traditionally associated with masculine energy whereas money plants symbolise Yin energy which represents feminine energy. A balance of Yin and Yang energies brings in positive chi energy for wealth and prosperity.

feng shui and more which plant is best for feng shui peace lily

Money Plant (Bacopa monnieri)

The Money Plant (Bacopa monnieri) has been used for centuries by practitioners to enhance mental clarity, improve memory function and reduce stress levels at home or work place. This herb can be grown anywhere indoors but it needs bright indirect sunlight exposure during summer season only because this plant prefers cool temperatures compared with other flowering houseplants such as ferns or carnivorous plants which prefer warm indoor environments

feng shui and more which plant is best for feng shui Money Plant (Bacopa monnieri)


Orchids are graceful flowering plants often grown indoors in pots. In feng shui, they are considered an auspicious plant that brings good luck. They symbolise fertility, beauty and abundance in life.

Orchids are used to enhance the health of your home or office by absorbing negative energy from the environment around you and emitting positive energy back into it. This makes them beneficial for Feng Shui practitioners who want to create a harmonious atmosphere at work or home.

feng shui and more which plant is right for feng shui orchid orchids

Feng shui plants have many benefits, including:

  • Bringing good luck to your home.
  • Positive energy into your home.
  • Improving your health and relationships with friends and family members, who can benefit from the positive energy of the plant as well!


Feng shui is a way of life that can be applied to every aspect of our lives: work, relationships and hobbies. While it's important to remember that placing the right plants in your home or office is one thing, it's a whole EXTRA thing to understand the directions of your home ... book a free QI CHAT with me to find out more! 

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