Chinese Year of the Pig 2019

Welcome to 2019 the Chinese Year of the Earth Pig.

2019 is a transition year – a preparation year for 2020 the Year of the Rat which is the start of the Chinese Zodiac cycle again.

2019 is a year to clear out, let go and seek new opportunities. There will be plenty of new opportunities we just have to make sure when we see them we take ACTION. I am a huge follower of Mel Robins 5 Sec rule. If you do not take action moving forward to your opportunity within 5 secs of seeing it then you may just miss it.

Look out for those things that are around us that will lead us where we are wanting to head in 2020.
Snakes you have the offending zodiac to the Pig which can cause a clash with the Grand Duke. Make sure you have your Pi Yao in the South East facing into the North West of your home and office to help in 2019. Watch your words this year particularly with your family.
If you are not prepared for this year it can be a difficult year with energy, so take some time to get your home energy working for you and your family.

The last time we had an Earth Pig year was in 1959 so a great read on energy for the Earth Pig year would be to take a look back and see how things went that year. It is very interesting to have a look at the past for some direction but remember your intentions are what sets your year apart from others.

We have the energy of Abundance, wealth and fortune in our centre this year so this is going to bring great new energy to everyone living within your home.

Remember if you have a home office to go back over our posts this last week and review how they can work within your office or place of work also.

Your home energy will affect your work energy and getting them to be harmonious is important this year.

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Happy Year of the Pig. The Feng Shui Team.

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