The first weekend of the NEW YEAR

How are you going with the year so far?

I felt a change in the energy which was positive but I also felt I was really struggling to get sorted and into this new year.

Or so everything I was seeing and reading was making me think.

It may not have helped that I could possibly have celebrated and welcomed in the new year a little more than I should have.
It was seriously one of the best nights this year so far. LOL .
It may not have helped that I had only 5 days at home between September and December.
Traveling overseas and from one end of the East Coast of Australia to the other. 
It may not have helped that we then opened our Christmas Pop Up store for December.

It may not have helped that I was feeling anxious with some overwhelm.

That all of this was a choice I had made.

I had chosen not to create space right now.

To not get right in and get myself motivated, to not rush into the new year.

So I sat myself down to write this article and I realized I AM DOING.
– just not following the stream of panic
– just DOING in my own way.
How was I going to get motivated?
What are the steps I was going to take into a 2020 plan before we get left behind?
I could tell you that I was on track, and I had prepared my entire 2020,
  • the how-tos,
  • the with whos
  • the whens
  • the whats
  • the whys

yeap you could laugh now – you know me too well.

Until I realized,
  • it helps to know why I had taken on such a large amount of travel and opportunities in 2019.
  • It helps to know that I had the best time travelling all over the East Coast of Australia, working and supporting so many of our clients and small businesses preparing for a better 2020.
  • To know that my travel to China and the people I connect with and work with over there also brings me great joy and accomplishment.
  •  To know that I connected with so many of you in December in our Pop Up Store and was able to support you into the new year and hear your gems on how your 2019 changed for you – with my help.
  • It sure helped to be lifted by your spirits when you came into our store and your compliments – (You know who you are and thank you, I still remember it today)
  • It helps to know that I spent a fabulous Christmas with all my children and grandchildren, in the same space for the first time in years – with laughter and smiles – with joy, oh, and rain – blessed rain just made the day.
  • To know that I can still let my hair down and have some fun welcoming in the new year – awesomeness (they may now think I am a crazy person but…. it was so much fun)
and right now –
It may be that the universe has provided an opportunity for me to just stop for a few days.
Time of slowing down, stopping and working with my own Mentor, she reminded me:
I had written years ago about the recipe I used to recreate my life – recreate the way I wanted to live – recreate what my life was going to look like.
Many of you I have worked with will know it well.
The “Richness of a Beautiful Life” 
The receipe of doing what you love and refuelling your life with all that is beautiful by YOU.

More importantly in the midst of all that happens in our lives, I forgot to check back in and what I had truly wanted life to look like.

I was talking the talk not walking the walk for myself.

  • Life has given me so many opportunities to create moments that I will never forget and that I am so grateful for.
  • Life doesn’t always bring roses and sunshine, but if we can try and find the silver lining, in what life has to offer, then we can find contentment. 
  • It will bring opportunities if we are clearly seeing.
  • All that we have been lead to believe is not always the truth nor is it how we must remain.
  • It may not always appear FAIR or JUST but if we believe that we create our reality then we need to sit with the question – “why did we create that moment in our life”
  • It will bring us learnings, so we can understand our life so much more. As a result, we must remember to learn from those learnings.
  • Life is on repeat until we get it.

I have such plans,

I want to refuel with awesomeness, compassion, and fulfillment,
to do this I need to slow down – breathe and ground myself in what I see as a Beautiful Life. 
If you are finding moving into your new year is not going as quickly or as strongly as you think it should,

either because everyone else says they are,  or everything you read or see if about rushing in, slow down.


You are not going to miss the year.
You will need to be prepared in body, mind, and spirit.
Ground yourself and take a breathe
Most importantly, touch the earth and listen to what you need to do before rushing.
Remember – The tortoise won the race
Remember YOU HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD if you prepare

Just keep moving towards your dreams.

Remove the Shoulds – Could – and Woulds – be kind to yourself.

touch the ground and Prepare
In 2020 –
The universe has your back
And you dear friend, I will support you.
If you would like some of that support, click on this link  

and join me in a FREE 15min Clarity Call.

Let us work towards a year of fulfillment without the overwhelm.

Happy 2020

Cheers Leanne

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