Thanking your home

Thanking your home

When you are leaving your current home for good it's important to THANK YOUR HOME, to cleanse the energy for the new owners.

Ensure you leave a little something for them to welcome them to their new space - a little gift basket of treats things that you would love to get when you enter your new space like some tea, coffee, Tim tams, yes an extra roll of toilet paper is always great.

Leave them your warranty folder and how things work in your home with a note for things they would welcome knowing.

Make sure to say thanks for allowing you to learn what you needed within the space and the Karmic journey your home has taken you on.

Remember we are where we are for a reason.

thanking your home with feng shui

It is very karmic to say thank you and leave your home with a blessing as most likely the person buying or moving in is about to learn the same karmic lessons.

If you are moving home and would like your new home to be ready for you then please click here and lets chat about a Cleansing and Blessing for your new home space. 

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