Synchronicity and Feng Shui

Synchronicity and Feng Shui

We hear often about synchronicity and how things happen for no reason, be that

  • We are in the same place as someone who can support us,
  • We meet someone new who connects to something we are searching for
  • We hear a piece of music that gives us a message
  • We read something that gives us plan
  • We arrive somewhere that gives us a path

What is Synchronicity anyway? - well the dictionary states it is an incident that happens that appears to have no connection. 

Synchronicity is an awaking that there may be something more than we understand when events take place.

I often find that synchronicity is so similar to Feng Shui and the energy we speak about.  Its hard to see it and understand it but so many people feel it and sense a difference when it is working for you.

Carl Jung stated that "synchronicity events are nothing but chance occurrences from a statistical point of view, but are meaningful in that they may seem to validate paranormal ideas".

For so long now I have truly found that things often happen for reasons I just often cannot explain. I want to question them and understand them but they are impossible sometimes to work out.

Recently as I mentioned in my newsletter last week we went to Tyalgum NSW for my Uncle's 90th birthday. 

When my dad was here and we went to visit my Aunty for his final trip, as we were leaving dad asked me to make sure I checked in on her and she was okay.  I have been doing this as often as I can, though, during covid it has been hard as she has been in lock downs and she is on the other side of the border to us as we are in Queensland.  But I check in.

The thing that I also noticed is that my Uncle has been doing the same for me.  Since losing dad he has been giving me little calls often - they can be a short how are you or they can be a story about family but they have been wonderful. 

He has the infectious laugh that just brightens my day and sometimes he will give me some advice which I love as it is like dad has spoken through him. 

It just brightens my day.

I have learnt so much during these conversations as I am a story teller through and through and family is my passion, that is in family trees and our roots and were we have come from. 

During my last visit with him for his birthday he gave me a gift that was so unexpected.

A little book that my dad had won at primary school for second place, not sure what he won it for, but that little book was just so welcomed. 

The synchronicity of getting it was amazing.

Now dad got this back in primary school and that is over 70 years ago.  I started to read the little book and could not believe it.  The story I was reading was dad's story, about a little boy and his family.  It reminded me of so many things that I knew it was a message from dad.

So, is it just a random set of circumstances that occur with no purpose or meaning, or is it a set of events that occur for more of an awaking. 

What do you think?

Some things that I have found that help this process is recognizing the positives in your life and being grateful for them.

There are two components of being a happier more fulfilled person. 


One is awareness and the other is gratitude for what you recognize.


There are so many positive things every day to recognize, it is impossible not to find one in your life too. Just the simple fact that your vision is well and you are able to read this blog post is proof that there is always something positive. Waking up every day with a new chance is another simple example.

Little things come and go fleetingly. Have you ever noticed a butterfly quickly float by or a bird land on a branch in front of your window for a brief moment? These are the little things that mean so much. That bird and that butterfly as well as the bee are all contributing to a better life for all of us.

They are positive elements in our busy world. While we are doing our thing, working, career, education, family, they are busy doing their thing, as well.

It is so easy to look at the flat tire or the traffic jam and not recognize that you are right where you are supposed to be in that moment. There may be an accident up ahead that you would have been part of if you were exactly on time.

For me awareness is the awakening to the little simple signs all around us.


Once you begin to train your brain to be aware of all that you have and how blessed you are. When you focus on things you are grateful for, you will begin to see more things for which to be grateful appear in your life.

If someone told you to be grateful and more will be bestowed upon you, wouldn’t you at least give it a try for a couple of months?

Gratitude is a powerful tool of the mind. The more you are grateful and appreciative, the more you will have for which to be grateful.


Awareness and Gratitude = Synchronicity in my world. 

The two go hand in hand with each other and when I am aware of those moments, the little moments like the music, the book or the person, and then I become grateful I notice how it all fits together. 

I see the signs and then using my Human Qi I start to awaken to what the message or meeting is about and slowly as I am more ready it starts to unfold and come together.

If we want to build our Feng Shui in our spaces to expand our synchronicity then we need to look at where this energy is in our home.

For people, mentors and those that will support us we will find the energy in our North West.  This is very strong for us this year. 

  • Make those calls
  • read those books
  • link into those mentors that you are searching for.

If you want to expand your luck,  your success and accomplishments around you then you want to enhance your North - its Victory Qi. 

The power of success and accomplishment.  The flow of water and Qi into your spaces to expand your successes.

What about your knowledge and learning for your growth and understanding. Wisdom as to what it means to synchronize your life and space and grow. Then you want to enhance the energy of your South East this year with plants and a little water not too much as we do not want to over stimulate the wood element here. Use this area to:

  • Study and learn
  • Read and gather more wisdom and understanding
  • Create and access your creative ability to expand and awaken your senses to the little signs of synchronicity.

It is life changing when we are aware of the signs and we allow them to flow.

I hope that this week you will open to more of what is in your space and helping you to expand all that can be for you.

Happy Feng shui ing


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