Preparing Our Homes For Auspicious Qi

Preparing Our Homes For Auspicious Qi

Well, I for one cannot believe that we are about to enter the Year of the Water Tiger 2022

I know the last few years have been tough on so many but wow they have certainly seemed to move fast up to this point, or so it seems right now.  


So, we need to be ready to welcome in the auspicious Qi that is coming with the Water Tiger year, and we also need to prepare as this year the Lo Shou flying stars are all in their original position so that makes our auspicious Qi awesome and our little more unforgiving Qi a little more unforgiving.

Remember though that some of this energy can and does help if you know how to use it the right way.

I have been so full this month working with some amazing clients many that I have had for over ten years or more now and their homes and business and I have to say that for so many of them this year has some absolutely awesome energy coming in.  

One of my clients in England has the most amazing house this year and I am so excited for her; it really is going to be a much better year if we can tap into the right energy.  

Remember to be kind to your home, family, and yourself – this is progression and if you are moving in a forward motion you are progressing in the right direction. 

Okay now we get into the big day preparations! 

Some things we should be doing to welcome in the Chinese New Year and a few tips that – well let’s just say I follow, because I am not sure if they work or not, but I am not wanting to not follow tradition. 

Chinese New Year and a few tips

So- by this stage you may have completed: 

  1. Your entry preparation or at least your list and working through as much of that as you can. 
  2. Gathered, prepared all your cures and enhancers for their new placement. You may have already placed these, if you have congratulations, you are on fire. 
  3. Started to prepare the groundwork of your home for the New Year welcome. 
  4. There is no Martyrdom here. We know the dates that we have for our New Year arrivals, but you do not have to place a time frame to get this done. You do, however, need to combat this battle at some point to create happy Qi in your home. 
  5. There is no Stroke of Midnight alert about to strike if you need to take some extra time to prepare but there is no room for IN-ACTION over these next few weeks. Make a start – 1 thing that moves you into making a difference in your Qi for this year. 

Home groundwork-Auspicious-qi

Home groundwork: 

Without adding to our busy-mess and stress levels, start to take out the rest of what does not work for you anymore.  
  • The broken items (I still have the glue sitting with mine – I am really going to make time to sit and repair? – no – then out this time) 
  • Non-working items (are you really going to get them repaired?) 
  • The things that we have no idea if we should keep or let go. Place into a large box and make it your day, month, or year project to empty it. Combat it one item at a time. Make it simple, each day take out 1 item and make a decision. 
  • Dragons, we may get caught here as decision making is a challenge for us this year, if we allow it.

Qi needs to flow;

    Qi needs to flow; Qi needs to work its way around your home. Stand at your front door and pretend that you are a stream of Happy, Abundant Qi ready to flow through your home. 

    How’s that working for you? Are you flowing – moving from the front through the entire home to the back? Free flow – like a stream’s gentle current meandering through. Nope – not flowing – Okay then let’s work on a quick easy process to create some gentle current meandering for you. 

    1. Take a couple of large baskets and place them into your living rooms. Place every item that is not in its right place here.  One great trick I learnt when I had a house of kids was to do up a basket for each one.  Had them named (the basket that is) and placed their items into that basket.  Once the living area of my home was tidied the baskets went into the kid’s room for them to reorganise.  
      • Yes- I did threaten to throughout what was left in the basket after 24 hours, but I learnt another trick before I did do this. I looked at where they had the basket and where their clutter was – placed the Bagua over their room and you guessed it – I could read their mind.  I knew what was going on in their energy space and then I could work with them on clearing that energy. 

      2. Clearing the baskets is not the important thing here, it is clearing your living space, the center of your home, the heart of your home, the areas that your family will be thriving in. This is the important step here first.  The clearing of the baskets will happen when you feel the new energy. You also want to be getting the central area of your home busy now and cleared as in the water tiger year we want to keep that quieter and calmer than we have in previous years thanks to the Emperor’s Qi arriving there.  

      3. Work your way from the top down. If you have time then start at the ceiling and wipe down, move to the walls and then the benches to the floors.  

        • Okay I know some of you are thinking that most of us are just trying to get through the busy day so as I said earlier – 1 thing – Choose 1 thing. But remember when our things are in a muddle, we create confusion, chaos, and disorder.  Let’s work on less muddle for you this year.

      4. Your floors are important – do them the 31st of January and then leave them for at least 3 days. Abundance Qi will flow into your home with the Chinese New Year, and you want to keep it there for as long as you can.

      You do not want to sweep away your wealth too early. 

      Yes, I know this one could be superstition but I for one think it is a really lovely way to welcome the new Qi into our spaces.
      5. Another little tradition from Asia is to roll oranges into your home on the first day of the New Year. Take fresh oranges and roll them into your front door.  (Wealth rolling in). Afterwards you can eat them or gift them to others for the New Year. 

      Okay so baskets for the family to put away, house tidied and floors fresh, Qi stream ready to meander through you home. 

      This Qi stream is about moving the blockages you have in your home and finding harmony for your home and those that live there. 

      I do know for some that this whole process will bring to the surface things that have caused you to shut down, board up and create blockages. 

      If you are ready to see the light of your home and feel the harmony it can bring you then I would love nothing more than to help you through this. 

      If you are feeling in any way – any overwhelm, engulfed by possessions that overpower you and your family then I have opened my calendar and we will work through this together to create your best Qi Stream Course. 

      Free 30 minutes Qi chat

      Harmony, synchronicity, progression and yes dare I say it joy. 

      I also have my new membership group which starts on the 1st of February so click the link here for more details 

      Are you ready for a GREAT QI YEAR? 

      You’ve got this and We got you in this. 

      Happy Feng Shui ing 


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