Preparing for your Hoi Gong Ceremony

Preparing for your Hoi Gong Ceremony

Did you know that when you bring home a new Dragon you will want to perform a small ceremony called Hoi Gong for your Dragon before you place your Dragon in its position.

Hoi Gong is a Taoist Ceremony representing what we call The Eye Opening Ceremony, performed on Dragon Boats before they race and for new Lions (Dragons) in the traditional Lion Dance.
It is the final touch before the race or ceremony.

When you bring a new Dragon home your should always perform your own Hoi Gong Ceremony.

Dragon Hoi Gong Ceremony - Feng Shui
Dotting the Eyes of your Dragon, How to do that:

1. Set your intentions with your Dragon and what you would like it to bring to your home and energy. Remember they represent Success, Courage and Prosperity. They are one of the 5 Celestial Animals.

2. Choose a spot in the East of your space - this is the area that represents the Dragon. It should be dining table height.

3. Get a sharpie pen or pen that will be permanent on the Dragon's eyes.
Once your have set your intentions for your Dragon then dot the eyes of your Dragon, this is called awakening the Dragon. This gives your Dragon and intentions life.

You can also tie a red ribbon around the Dragons neck.

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Joyous abundance and harmony
Happy Feng Shui ing

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