Your land and your home.

Your land and your home.

Have you ever wondered why some people’s homes feel calm, quite, and serene while others are busy, bustling, and loud?

Yes, it could be the size of the family, whether they have kids or pets but often it is to do with the energy that is in the environment surrounding your home.

When we work with traditional Feng Shui, before we do anything else, we look at the Form of your home and surroundings to determine if the area supports the home in harmony or not.

Form School Feng Shui is the lay of the land. Nature can change the energy of your home.

Nature Can Change the Energy of your Home

Here is how you can work out your form

Find the most yang side (most active, open area) of your home. This is what we call the facing side.

This is one of the most challenging areas of Feng Shui working out your facing side.

Another way to look at it is what was the designer thinking of when they were drawing the home – what was the view your home was built to see – this is the facing.

Phoenix statue feng shui

At the facing we want to have the Phoenix – new opportunities, rebirth, which could be a roadway, water way or field.

The house across from you is best when it is lower than your home on your block.

At the sitting side or back side of your home we want to have the Black Tortoise – longevity and stability, this is for supporting the home energy.

It could be a mountain, which needs to be soft round mountains with some trees on.

They need to look gentle and lush, or a large cluster of trees, shed anything that represents the back of the Tortoise.

The back of the Tortoise represents a solid back to your home for support.

Now stand looking at the facing side of your homefacing towards the home.

On the right-hand side of your home is what we call the Green Dragon – auspicious luck and good fortune

This is our most yang side of energy for our home.

We want the building, trees, or large structure on this side of your home to be taller than the home you are living in.

If it is slightly taller than your home, it will bring a balanced energy of Yang.

If the building on this side is much higher can feel over dominant, it is considered strong Yang energy and could be much more male dominated.

 White Tiger side – balances out the power of the Dragon, of your home

Now looking at your home facing again then look to the left of your home and the house or structure that is there.

This is known as the White Tiger side – balances out the power of the Dragon, of your home and we would like this to be slightly lower than your current home.

This side represents the Yin energy of your home.

If we have the Green Dragon higher and the White Tiger lower, we have a balanced yin and yang energy in our home which brings harmony.

What if your Green Dragon is lower than your White Tiger – well then, your home is much stronger in Yin energy and has a stronger feminine energy.

The perfect armchair form for your home is often difficult to find but well worth looking for.

It is also an exceptionally good buying point when looking for a new home or land to build.

Not sure what you have then send me a picture and I would be happy to have a look for you.

Sometimes it can be difficult to work out the Feng shui of your home and all the forms.

I am hoping this Blog will give you more information on this subject. Make it easier to understand some of the fundamentals and how nature can change the energy of your home.

Happy Feng Shui ing


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