Wow it only seems like yesterday we were celebrating Valentine’s Day and here we are again. 

A Valentines Festival in China is called the Qixi Festival when they celebrate the joining and meeting of the weaver girl and the cowherd boy and is held on the 14th of August 2021.

In Australia here we know it as the day true love shines.  When many a young man spends up big to impress his true love in the hope that she will reciprocate back to him.  Do you remember your very first Valentine’s Day?

In your home the 2021 energy of Romance is coming in through the East of your home. I have come to realise over the years working with so many people one of the main areas that they would like support is finding “The One” or improving their current relationships. 

If you are single, then look at what you have in the East area of your home and work space.  It is always the intention we are setting in our environment that creates our reality so be careful of what you are thinking and creating.  Here a few tips and ideas that have become known for bedrooms and relationships. 

  • Is it clutter free and Qi can flow freely?
  • Give your bedroom a freshen up and make it welcoming.
  • Every bed should have a good headboard – solid headboard for support and stability.
  • Do you have paintings or prints that only depict 1 person and not a couple? Be careful of paintings that depict an extra person in them.
  • You can also add in your little cheeky boy here with his tantric surprise underneath him.
  • Add your Double Happiness hanger on your bedroom door.  Everybody wants a little happy.
  • Make a couple of collections that represent pairs, couples or twos which can be either Vases, Paintings, Statues – these are great if they represent a couple.
  • It has also been said to never leave suitcases stored under the bed as this is a sign of one of your packing and moving out, when you sleep on the suitcases. Keep the energy under your bed free and flowing.
  • Another question to ask yourself is – Is there room for another person in my bedroom? Some alternate ideas are: 
    • Can they fit their clothes in the cupboard – is there room.
    • Is there room for their pillow on the bed?
    • Where would they put their toothbrush.
  • When you have finished a great idea is to give your space a wonderful cleanse using your smudge stick or sound to clear the energy of the old to welcome the new.


The most know item used in Feng Shui for romance are the Mandarin Ducks – over the centuries known in China as the ducks of longevity in relationships as they mate for life.  

If they lose their mate, they remain unattached and can soon die themselves, they are never wavering in their devotion. They also represent marriage, relationships, and love.   They are said to bring harmony to a relationship. When you place your ducks make sure they are travelling together towards the same direction.  This ensures that your relationship is also traveling on the same path.  

Never have them facing each other head on or one behind the other.  You can place your ducks in the East for this year or still in the South West of your home as this is our sector of marriage and relationships. You could also place them in the South West of your bedroom. 


Rose Quartz – the crystal of love energy and healing the heart and emotions. It is said to be a more feminine energy and of unconditional love. Rose Quartz opens the heart chakra for healing.  The wearer of rose quartz is said to attract love.  It is also a gentle enough crystal to place in your bedroom and to enhance the bedroom.

Water in the East – be careful with this one if you add too much you may over activate the Romance energy and end up with someone in the union that you do not want there. An extra person can arrive and start to sweep you off our feet or sweep your loved one of their feet.


How is your bedroom working for you?

Knowing your Ming Gua can assist you in knowing which is your best relationship direction, this means communication and opportunities within yourself and your home. You can calculate your number on our web site at  

Another area of our home that can impact our relationships this year is the South West, this is our quarrelsome Qi, and it is sitting in our marriage relationships sector of our home. Make sure you have a little fire element and red in this area for 2021.

Whatever Valentine’s Day is for you may it be just that day where you take time to give yourself some love as well as to those around you.

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Love to you all The Feng Shui Team

Just a note from last year: I spoke last year about a wonderful couple I was working with and her wanting to make her last few Valentines Days memorable. Last year she chose to bake from the heart and made her wonderful husband cupcakes.  1 cupcake and decorating in a theme of their most memorable Valentines Days. They were together for 42 years, yeap that is 42 cupcakes, they ate some while laughing and crying and sharing their best bits about each other and froze some as well.  Now this year he has a little taste of love to celebrate and remember that incredibly beautiful last Valentine’s Day.
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