Feng Shui your Clocks

Feng Shui your Clocks


Let's talk clocks in Feng Shui

I am often in homes where their clocks are not working (No judgement),and  thought I should share a blog on this. 
Clocks need to be moving - a stopped clock is time stopped

Now this is not always a bad thing, but if it falls into the wealth area of your home or relationships, then it is said that time is standing still.
Energetically it is time left in the past or time stuck in the past.

I guess that like most things, it is not traditional Feng Shui to have a clock not moving, but a moving clock works the energy and stops the energy from becoming stagnant.

For the Flying Star energy of #5 a chiming clock is considered to be a remedy and help to disperse the Qi and break down the misfortune energy. A chiming clock - especially a pendulum clock is extremely good at moving the energy.

So if you have a clock, watch or anything that is keeping time and it has stopped working, consider having it repaired or is it time for it to move on.

Come to think of it - I actually have a beautiful old clock from my grandmothers and I have to say it is not working right now and another one from my Father-in law from his dad so best I check the location of these clocks and get them working. Oh and just found my first little watch from my mum and dad when I was 13.

Time to get them working

Joyous Abundance and Harmony
Happy Feng shui ing
Leanne and Team Feng Shui

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