How To Regain A Sense Of Belonging Through Kindness

How To Regain A Sense Of Belonging Through Kindness

How To Regain A Sense Of Belonging Through KindnessIt’s common to want to feel a sense of belonging.

When we belong, we are accepted as a member of the group.

A sense of belonging is a normal human need just as our need for food and shelter is. When you feel like you belong, you feel your life has value and you cope with your emotions better.

Sometimes though, we lose our sense of belonging.

Even in our own homes we sometimes feel this deep disconnect – to the energy we are living in

Our homes become very Yin in energy, often this can create a sense of deepness which can easily lead to a sense of the heavier energies such as:





Overly introverted and sadness

Yin energy is not bad in our homes we need the Yin with the Yang but if we have too much of anything then we are not in harmony with our environment.

As humans we are social beings. Our relationship quality is affected by our mental, physical and emotional health. As researcher and author Brené Brown explains,

“A deep sense of love and belonging is an irreducible need of all men, women, and children. We are biologically, cognitively, physically, and spiritually wired to love, to be loved, and to belong.”

Regaining a Sense of Belonging

Increasing your Yang energy can be as simple as bringing more activity into a space. One way is with acts of Kindness.

Kindness also releases the feel-good hormone. It makes you feel happier and improves your mood. You will notice that when you change your mood often the energy inside your space and environment starts to change. When you can harmonize the Yin and Yang of your space you begin to regain a sense of belonging to your space.



Here are some ways for you to regain a sense of belonging through Kindness:



  • Contribute to others within your space by offering to listen and be a sounding board for them. This not only brings them joy but will give you a feeling of contentedness.
  • Let go of judgments that build walls. Instead focus on people by connecting with them. No one is perfect. We all have struggles.
  • Be kind in your words and way of thinking. Use words that are accepting.
  • Give and receive compliments with kindness.
  • Begin building healthy relationships with others using kindness. Healthy relationships are important to our sense of well-being. Help others realize they are safe and secure by showing them kindness.
  • Be kind to yourself instead of always putting yourself down. Take a compliment for what it truly is – an act of genuine caring and kindness.
  • Turn towards your partners for support during tough times.
  • Begin doing things that bring you joy

This year we have some strong energy around communication and relationships.
When the energy here is more negative than we would want we need to reduce that energy down. In our homes and the standard Bagua the East represents Family and this year in 2022 we have quarrelsome Qi there. 

The easiest thing to do is to bring in some fire element to the East of our homes but we also need to think about how we bring energy into our spaces and what our own energy is that is coming through us.

Remember if you need to have any deep conversations this year then the North, South East, and North West are not going to be the best place to have those in 2022.

We all want to feel like we belong. When our sense of belonging becomes affected and destroyed, we need to find a way to regain it.
Kindness activities to both yourself and to others is one of the easiest ways to build yang energy and begin gaining your sense of belonging back.

Happy Feng Shui ing


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