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How to Feng Shui Your Christmas Tree 2020

Christmas trees can be a little confusing as to what they represent.

Generally, they will represent the element of wood.

So, if you know where in your home you need to enhance or support the wood element then this is where you would place it.

A real Christmas tree holds a stronger wood element especially if it is placed in a pot of soil and you are watering it during the time it is up to keep it fresh.

Christmas trees have become so well made these days and can look absolutely beautiful but let’s also remember if you have a smaller space then you may want to use a smaller tree that can be just as beautiful and festive as the large ones.

If you have not had your home Bagua completed, then you may want to choose one of the following locations to place your tree following the 2020 annual flying star energy.

Decorating your tree can also be based on your home Bagua or on the annual flying stars.

I have listed the locations that are best for both November and December and the colours you could use for your tree.


Best locations for the Christmas Tree in November

S- A traditional green tree here would only create more of a clash this month and would not be a spot I would be placing my Christmas tree. You will not want to place any moving Christmas decorations and toys here this month.

SW – Another area I would not place a Christmas tree this month.

W – A Christmas tree in this area of the home you will want to decorate with lots of metal ornaments and colours such as gold, silver, bronze.  Metal material ornaments would be also good here and shiny tinsel an added touch. Your Christmas Tree could be in the metal colours also including white.

NW – The great thing about the wood element is that it will enhance the fire element so if you are wanting to expand some good fortune and luck this month then the North West is certainly going to be a great spot to put your traditional tree.  You will want to be sure that you have no red or fire elements in this area as this is a definite no for the North West.  Decoration colours of blue and black would be excellent here along with your metal colours as well. Moving decorations and toys also good in this space.

N – We already have the “Clashing Wood” I this space so certainly not an area to place your Christmas Tree this year.  If you have a metal element coloured tree such as white, then I would not place that here either as this just adds another conflict element that you do not want this year.

NE – A traditional Christmas Tree in this space will be supported by the Wisdom Star which will slow down the illness qi.  Decorating your tree with Water element colours and shapes will be a good addition here. You do not want a lot of the traditional red/purple colours in this area.

E – A traditional Christmas Tree will certainly support the reduction of negative Qi in this area that we have her for 2020.  Lots of gold, silver coloured ornaments and colour.  Blues will also be very good in this area.  You will want to avoid using the colour red and burnig candles in this area for this year.

SE – If you have a traditional coloured tree adding blue decorations to the tree will help to reduce the metal energy here this month.  Do not have too much metal element – including gold or silver.  You will not want to put up a metal coloured tree such as white, gold, or silver here.

Do not use too much tinsel on your tree here as it can be shiny and represent more of the metal element.


Best locations for the Christmas Tree in December

This month we have the same flying star energy for the annuals as well as for the month.  So energy is going to be very, very good in some sectors and others it is going to be less positive for us.

S – Placing your Christmas tree in this area will help to reduce the illness Qi that has been here all year and this month it is strong.   Better still bring in all your metal element bling, your gold, silver, and bronze colours your tinsel.  You will not want to have any red colour on your tree here.  No moving decorations or toys in this area is important.

SW – We have strong wood element in this area already this month I personally would not want to bring in any more or add any other elements such as metal or blues and black colours.  Not my pick for a tree here.

W – Well your Christmas tree here is going to enhance our future money energy so that has got to be a good thing.  Adding in your traditional red colours for Christmas on your tree would work well here. Decorations here could also be natural and earthy which would soften the energy.

NW – Another great spot for your traditional Christmas tree adding in decorations of earthy natural tones would be great.  Metal decorations will work here also though you will not want to have too many.  Do not use any red/ purple fire element colours – remember we never put this is the NW.

N – No Christmas trees in this area.  We already have too much wood energy and adding more will make your Christmas tree present swap messy and everyone a little anxious.

NE – A traditional Christmas tree here will use up some of the energy in this area – be careful of the colours and materials you use on your tree here.  Fire colours and reds as in traditional colours will work and is one of the few places that we can do a more traditional tree.

E –  A traditional Christmas tree here will create some more conflict qi but if you have to place a tree here then try and use a tree from the metal element such as white, gold, silver and the decorations in the metal colours and material also will reduce down the strong Emperors Qi int his area.  Different for Christmas but some yellow on your tree will also support the house and family as well.  Do not put any of your moving toys or decorations in this area and consider sitting in another area of the house to open presents.

SE – If you have hairdresser then placing a Christmas tree in this area with your metal element colours and materials will help to support your good qi this month.  If you are not, then I would look at some other options that would be better for you tree this year above.


Next month we will talk about where to have your feast at home.

Where to place the family for gift opening and how to make the lead and day stress-free with the areas that are the most suitable to use.

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