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We can gather with family, friends, and those we love from pretty much most of  Australia, hopefully by the time you are reading this all of Australia, just in time for the Holiday Season.

What a year and I do not know about the rest of you but I intend to gather those far and wide from me and make the most of this special time of year.

If you have been following the Bagua for December 2020 in my newsletter then you will know that the energy this month is either going to be all in excellent or shutdown and avoid.

Such strong energy this month.

Planning on celebrating Christmas or the holiday season then you need to be sure you know exactly where to place those gatherings for the best day you can have.

We all know that intentions are one of the biggest factors.

How our day will go in December when the energy is so strong is some spaces all the intentions in the world may need help as well.

So what does it mean if you want to gather family and friends for a celebration?

You need to be sure to choose one of the most auspicious spaces – this can include your outdoor areas as well.


The best spaces in December in your home are:

  • North East – Wisdom and Victory Qi
  • South East – Good Fortune – Maybe even a windfall
  • South West – Romance and Literary Success
  • West – Future Fortune – Avoid any fire element or red decorations here
  • North West – Good Fortune – Avoid any fire element or red decorations here

Have loved ones that have passed over this year?

Bring them to the table also, remember them and include them in your gathering then place their photo or items in the North East of your home.

If you are bringing your family together after some time apart, or some worry about blending together, then you will certainly want to avoid the North this month.

This area has our disagreements and conflict Qi.  If you have no other choice then bring in all the red Christmas holiday cheers you can with the fire element to suppress the negative Qi.

You want to be sure that you do not bring up those old family favourite conflict starters:

  • like the old saying – no politics and religion
  • any previous grievances – there will always be another day for those conversations.
  • and anything that will have members of your gathering on the wrong side of the fence.

The East we have been cautious of for 2020 due to the Emperor’s Qi there and the representation of misfortune for us.

If this is the only space you can accommodate your gathering then be careful that you add no fire element.

December energy will be reduced a little by the wood elements that are in this space but still not the best spot in your home.

You bring in your metal ornaments and metal colours, you could bring in more Queensland colours of the yellows and lemons which would work really well here.

Keep it as quiet as you can. 

I have a client who has moved their dining table so that they can gather in a more auspicious space due to her limited space.  We have placed her Christmas tree and gifts in the East.  She has decided that when it’s Santa’s time she will gather the gifts and hand them out to her visitors at the dining table so that they remain in her most positive Qi.

Prepare your space:

Before your guests and family arrive you need to be prepared.

We often prepare our meal plans and our shopping lists but how many of you plan your space cleansing rituals that you should do prior to your gathering.


Here is a quick checklist to help you prepare.

  1. Choose your gathering space from the spaces that I have listed.
  2. Make sure that you clear as much as you can around the area so there is plenty of room for the Qi to move throughout your gathering
  3. Be sure that if the area has Feng Shui cures or enhancers that you leave those in place – especially:
    1.  5 Element Pagoda in the East
    2.  Salt Water Cures in the East and South
    3.  Wulou in the South
  4. Give the area a really good clean – starting at the highest point you can to the floor
  5. Depending on the area you have chosen make sure you follow the decorating ideas for the best Qi.
  6. Once you have everything prepared –  give your space a really good cleanse and blessing.
    1. I always use my bells to start to move any stagnant Qi and then I follow with my basilica though you could use sage or any smudge stick that you prefer.
    2. Add fresh flowers to the space to bring in some beautiful Qi.
  7. Make sure while you are doing your clearing you set yourself really good intentions for your gathering –
    1. A simple and good intention to set if you are unsure is always – “The Universe has my back – Always”
  8. Your gathering space is ready.  Now if you have prepared this space the day before then be sure to shower, sleep, and wake with joyful energy as this is your Holiday Gathering you have planned for.
  9. If your gathering is happening shortly then be sure to refresh your own energy before your guest and visitors arrive.


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