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Kindness ~ How Tiny Actions Can Make Huge Impacts

Kindness ~ How Tiny Actions Can Make Huge Impacts

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams

Do you remember how you felt when you had a tough day and a stranger smiled at you?

Or the time you helped your neighbor carry in her groceries and how she still thanks you for it?

Each of these small acts of kindness can make a huge impact on someone’s life.

I personally remember the day my grandson and I decided we would treat ourselves on the way home from Kindy – we called into the McDonald’s Drive through for his little treat and ordered. When I got to the window to pay the lady said, “That lady in front of you has just paid your order”. Wow! I was blown away. It was a small order yes, that was not a thought, but I was just not expecting such Kindness and Wow I still get that lovely tingle feeling thinking about her generosity.

Small actions often lead to giant ripples. One small action can completely change the life of someone who then performs a kindness for someone else. And the cycle continues and grows.

I came home and was telling my kids and that week they all went out and did an act of Kindness for someone. Sometimes we just need a little reminding how a small act of Kindness can be hugely awesome.

No matter how big or small the kindness is, it’s likely to have big significance’s to your own mental health. According to psychologists and researchers, the smallest acts of kindness can create a rebound effect on not only the receiver’s psyche but your own as well.

For example, a smile increases their level of comfort along with making them happier. It puts you in a better mood as well. That simple smile could be the reason someone is lifted out of despair.

Tiny acts of kindness can make a change in two ways; they are the catalyst for others to start invoking their own small kindnesses and they have a contagious affect on others. In other words, when we carry out tiny acts of kindness, other people see them, inspiring more kindness.

Let’s look at another example. If you are friendly to the bus driver, he then in turn will be more likely to be more considerate to the next passenger. That passenger is more likely to go home and have a positive conversation with their family.
People who have a tendency to do small things to spread kindness are more likely to take action in bigger ways as well.

Here are ten ways small acts can have an impact

  • Pay for someone’s order. Leave an extra $5.00 for someone else’s coffee at your favourite coffee shop. Not only do you give the coffee shop an extra sale you may just give the next customer that little extra they need that day. I have been on both sides of this one and it is a wonderful feeling.

  • Be a part of a community clean up. Help clean up a park, neighborhood or local beach area. If that seems to large a task to start then start with your own space and donate what you no longer need.

  • Donate things that you no longer use, or love – you will be surprised how many others may be in need of just that very thing. You are bound to have something that someone else is looking for and needs.

  • Donate flowers to someone in need in places like hospices, care homes or women’s homes. (This is one of my personal favourite).

  • Cook a hot meal for a neighbor whose been down on their luck lately, or living alone and may not often cook a good meal for themselves.

  • Leave snacks in the breakroom.

  • Volunteer at your community organisations and clubs.

  • Donate books to your local library or to children in need.

  • Remove single use plastic from your life. Recycle plastics and other recyclables.

  • Leave uplifting notes in self help books at your local bookstore or library. Leaving notes is one of my loves.

Whatever you choose to do, each tiny act of kindness can have a big impact on others in ways you may never imagine. Each tiny act is observed and passed along to another making it grow into a big act.


Which act of Kindness are you thinking inspires you?     

What has been an act of Kindness someone has done for you before?

How do you think you will make someone feel with that act of Kindness?



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