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Hello and Welcome to the Year of the Yin Golden Ox 2021

Hello and Welcome to the Year of the Yin Golden Ox 2021

The Year of the Golden Ox will start on the 12th of February 2021, but for the Feng Shui change, the date will be the 4th of February 2021. We welcome the New Year of the Golden Ox.

For some, you will have noticed an energy shift already and felt the new energy moving into your homes.

We are all looking for a change of Qi for 2021 and this year we are in a Yin year for a start, this resembles more of the feminine energy, so you have the chance of feminine support within all areas of your life including professional and personal.

It is still a metal year but a softer metal year being Yin instead of Yang in 2020.  Having said that there is still a chance that there will be some cutting qi around we need to be cautious, of the gentle cutting qi for anything that we have yet to move or let go of, make sure you use this energy if you need.

Yin also represents awakening, rediscovery, and creating more calm.

2021 is the zodiac of the Ox with the element of earth.

What does that mean for us this year?

We have the energy of the Heaven Star that is in the center of our homes this year.  The Heaven Star represents as its name says, “Heaven Energy”, on the positive side it brings us good fortune and heaven luck.  It also represents career, promotions, and success in our endeavours, business advancement, though with a more determined gentle approach.  It brings us support and opportunities for growth and achievement though we still need to take action when we receive them.

Good for the whole family or those living in your home.

The combined energy in the center this year is wealth luck, this can be in the way of career or business wealth.  The fruits of your labour and good fortune are at play this year.

The Heaven Star is also gentler energy that can bring a supportive healing qi to our homes this year.

This year you do not want to become too stuck in your ways and stubborn or you will find all your energy is getting you nowhere!  You need to be a little flexible with the strength of the Ox.

The Ox is courageous and brave, the Ox protects its own and its tribe, particularly its own family and ancestral members.

The Ox will defend its own and in particular its lineage.

You are still going to need to make sure you use your “Finding More Me Time Goals” we talked about in 2020, especially that “Beautiful No” we learned to say and use.

Other traits of the Ox include:

  • Trustworthy
  • Reliable

Stubborn – did I mention this? Yes. But it is so important this year!

Yes – have you ever tried to move an ox that does not want to move?

An ox can hold fast and stand strong, but this can also be to the detriment of the year especially as we are wanting to recover from 2020.

You have to take action this year – you have to start yourself then others will join you to support and mentor you.

The Ox is a herd animal so this year is also about connection, you may find connections that were lost in 2020 that you are wanting to restore, find a way back to you.  Let go of the ones that are no longer for your highest good but those that you want to connect and keep work towards those this year

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