Hmm where to start my day.

Well the quick answer to that is we just must start.
We have the Chinese New Year energies in our home in 4 days and we do need to do a little preparing.
So, let’s make this simple and quick so that we can still enjoy our weekend.The kids have been back at school we are either back at work or we have the joy of a break but either way we can make our homes ready.

Grab your pen and paper people we are about to list make, so nothing gets left undone.

1. Let’s get outside and see how our home looks first. How are we presenting. Let’s step outside first – get right to the very front gate, way out come on let’s get onto the street even.
a. If you were Qi could you flow through your front yard area into your home.
b. How does it look?
c. What can you see?
d. If you were a visitor would you feel that your home is welcoming?
2. Okay do not start the self-punishment talk especially those who are of the zodiac pig, dragon, horse or rooster – we can be so good at that one. Who cares what you are seeing just start writing the list and get everything on it.
3. When overwhelm sets in BREATH, PAUSE, BREATH – you have got this, remember we are finding the things we need to get clipped, fixed or removed before the new energy arrives for 2019.

Okay list in hand – now start to review that list.
1. THE BIG “D” – What can you DELIGATE TO SOMEONE ELSE? – For some this is a hard one but don’t sit on it too long – add that “D”. If you live alone this can be harder but take on only what you know you can or gather some family or friends and offer a barter trade of time and energy to help each other be ready.
2. THE BIG ‘ME’ – What can you GET DONE NOW with your own skills?
a. The BIG ONE – TIME – do you have time, or can you make time?
b. What materials and tools do you need?
c. Are they within my budget? This is not about grandeur so set a budget and keep within it. This is simply about making sure Qi can flow from the outside in without being blocked.
3. THE BIG “I” – What is on your list but IMPOSSIBLE to manage right now and needs some more planning, dollars and professional support. (LET THIS ONE GO NOW – RIGHT NOW) GONE…. It can go on your long plan schedule.
Once this is identified you are on your way.

Use all your “CHINESE MAN LUCK” you have been given and can find and start – TAKE ACTION NOW.
Once you have made it to the front door do the same process again with the lists that you have and identify – “IF I WERE QI COULD I FLOW THROUGH MY HOME”?

Follow your path or gateway up onto your veranda, patio where ever you are led to your front door.
This is the mouth of your home.

Once inside we then will start working with the energy of the Bagua so you will need to identify your facing side of your home. This is the area your home faces and will include:
1. The YANG active side of your home
2. The most open area of your home, more doors, windows
3. The side of your home that your home was designed to face e.g. if you live on a canal, back onto a tropical forest.
4. The area that your designer wanted you to live in the most for the view.
5. This is not always the front door entry.
Once you have that located you will need to take a compass reading so that you know the directions of your home. Another simple way if you do not have a compass is the following
Stand with the sun rising and face into your home take your directions such as SE is on the left-hand side to you – NE is to the right-hand side to you etc.
Once you have this information you are ready to move into the next step which will be uploaded tomorrow for you.

Happy Qi Flow Feng Shui

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