Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019.

I have been thinking long and hard on what this day means for me in 2019 and I have had some conflict around where we are going as women.

Again, I celebrate the movements supporting women in countries that need us to surround them and support them through the disgraceful conditions that many are living in and the laws they must abide by.

I recently watched a moving story regarding a young 14-year-old girl in Zimbabwe which simply torn at my heart.

There is no denying that we need to change things for so many women and we need to understand how we can really help them in a continuing way.

I also saw another documentary on a village where women are the holders of all the family land, wealth and the heritance are passed down through the daughters only – this got me excited but then into the story it happened – men still ruled and were the leaders in every other sense of the word.

I have travelled to many countries where women can be treated with less respect than they should and have very little rights as a person.

It still amazes me with so many organisations and charities working in the area of women we seem to still need so much more.

This started me thinking WHY – what is stopping us being who we really want to be and earning what we really want to earn.

When and how did this “Glass Ceiling” become something that we seem to think is stopping us from moving forward – to our peak.

In Australia and many western countries, I have noticed the quotas and the percentages that have been set and shake my head in disbelieve.

Really is there no other way we as women, can reach through and secure these roles without being a statistic of a quota?

I am of the age when becoming a successful woman outside of the home was just starting to infiltrate our schools and we were being given options and the word “Career” started to be heard.

I was one of the lucky ones who had a very strong family support system.  My Dad was insistent that as girls we would not need to rely on others.

It started with ensuring we had –

  • Our OWN money – jobs.
  • Our OWN transport – we all had to have our own car before we had our licence.
  • Then it was our OWN homes
  • A cash fund stash for emergencies (thanks Mom for this one)
  • Respect from our partners
  • Respect from our sons (and daughters)
  • Respect for them in return.

Yes, Dad and Mum were strong on what we needed to be self-reliant, so too where my Grand Mothers and close Aunts, my Sisters and Mother-inlaw are strong resilient women and I have had the privilege to work with many women – particularly women with sons.

I have said for many years that I believe – yes, I believe that it comes down to mothers.

Dads as well but mothers from the perspective of respecting women – US.

Yes mothers.  We teach our sons.

We allow them to grow into the men of tomorrow who either respect or disrespect the women of our future.

I am no Feminist, I am not going to burn my bra (my girls need it for support LOL) however  I AM A WOMAN who supports other women in which ever way I can.

Another great documentary on Netflix regarding the original women movement, well worth the watch.

I take my hat off to the women who began the Women’s movement but today are creating too much Yang around women?

Where is the Yin nature, we were given to bring harmony to the world of Yin and Yang?

Nothing says it better than Becky Cole and her fabulous “Lifeboat” song.

I love what she says about women at the start – her linage of successful women. They are like the strong women I know in my family, tribe and circles.

She raises a really important question though –  I do not see women addressing.

This is a really important topic that we as women need to ask ourselves.

As Women have we really thought this through?


In 2008 IWD I had the honour of putting together a group of successful women and this was the question we asked.

When the ship is going down, will we still get the lifeboat FIRST? the responses where varied and interesting and a question I think as women we need to have again.

I truly believe that we have lost the divine energy we were given to create harmony and balance into the world.

There are women out there who love that strong Yang energy but having worked in an environment where it was required constantly, I felt like I was becoming way to Yang energy.

Yin has a little Yang and Yang has a little Yin – Equals HARMONY

A women who wants to stand tall with other women who do not have the same opportunties as I have been given.

I am a Woman. (Yang working her way back to Yin)

I am the mother of sons who have been taught to value and respect the women in their lives, to encourage them to be the greatest woman they can be – what ever that is to the girls.

I am the grandmother to grandsons who I will teach the same values, along with their mothers and yes, their fathers.

I am a grandmother to grand-daughters. I will teach them the world needs Yin and Yang – the world needs Harmony before anything else to change the world we need to be clear on what it is, we, as women are really wanting.  Yes the same values for the men in their world will be taught.

If we as mothers do not start to teach our sons the value of the Woman then how else is society going to change, how else are women going to be successful for their worth, because they fit the quota. How else are we going to be on the same level. Our sons are many of todays hirers, business owners and successful men that women today are asking to see value – the same day, same workload, same pay.

I for one do not want to be chosen for a position because I fit the bill as a quota.

I want the  position because:

I am skilled – the best skills and talents for the role

I am determined – with  flexibility (not weak) to bend when required

I am graceful – when something or someone truly touches my heart

I am steadfast – to my values and integrity no matter what

I am brilliant – Yes, I am – Yes I am.

I am able to make mistakes – because I know that they are about learning, and we are here to learn

I am firm but respectful – on things that matter

I am successful – with the knowledge that I may not know it all, but if I ask the question I soon will

I am awesome – I can run a home, children, partner, extended family, business, smashing that glass ceiling, still in harmony most other days (Okay RARE Days)

I am a matriarch – to my children and grandchildren and anyone else in the village that requires one

I am Yang when required – with the gentleness of Yin.

I am a Successful WOMAN (not a qouta).

So where does that leave our men folk ladies?

If the ship is going down I am certainly going to be yelling –  Hell, yes, I am in.

I am with you Becky and playing the Girl Card.

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