Now I am not wanting to rush the year through or make it go any faster than it has been.

I would be happy to move into a new month right now.

A do over of April if we had the chance.

I have been quiet here of late simply making my way through this month, reflecting on what should stay, could stay or Let Go.

Working through life as it is thrown at us, taking time to rewrite the scripts going through our mind.

When we are out of harmony with the world as we would like to be living it.

We need to value our own healing so that we can then move forward with grace and ease.

I have just spent the last month with our Daughter and her family including 3 beautiful grandchildren living with us while they renovate their home.

It was the most amazing awesome month – totally threw out my work plan for March – no moments of divine thinking happening here – or so I thought.  I was wrong.

Living with my grandchildren and extended family I had moments of “lightbulb” “lightbulb” almost every minute of the day they were here.

March and April  were months of clearing.

Ending and renewal for our household in so many ways not just for myself but for my family.

We had two of our sons, partners and our beautiful grandson move in to their new property and home fully. One son and family moved into our cottage next door for a short time and stayed a longer time – what a gift.

As I mentioned our daughter,  hubby, our 3 beautiful grandchildren moved in with us. My grand-kids became the best distraction I could have in March and I would not have had it any other way.


Our family dog that we inherited from our youngest son had to have major leg surgery.

Be kept quite without movement for 10 days then only 100 steps quiet walking around the house for another 4 to 6 weeks. Yes while we had a house of 3 under 5 and our grandson loves to throw the ball.  But that is another lesson and story for another day.

March also brought back some moments that created definite triggers for me.

Note to self, always take notice of advice from our daughters.

Text Messages, and unspoken emotional words should all be removed from ever being a communication tool of any sort.

My daughter gave me strict instructions to remove the phone from my hand when I was unsupervised.

You know the feeling when you are so triggered, you keep going over and over it in your head.

Until – yes left unsupervised you send that response text you had written a hundred times. Rewording, changing to make sure you are not in that victim mind state.

The place where you are re-evaluating your role in the whole process and how you could not see this coming.

You know – the moment that you wake up and think – WTF planet did I just wake up on and what on earth would make me manifest such a lesson in my life.

Days go by and you still work through the whole episode asking question upon question of WHY?

Sometimes need to heed the advice from others, put down that phone unless supervised.

Another option would have been to take myself on a Timeline Therapy journey and clear the emotion.

Please follow this link if you would like a 15 min FREE Clarity Call on Timeline Therapy. 

Well that trigger has been a big one for me and has taken me out of my mojo. Sent me on a path of reflective decision making that has been long, hard and still unclear.  So, what happened, what was the outcome, what is the end to this trigger texting you ask? That will be another story which I will share with you in the coming blogs.

Another one of our sons, partner and our beautiful grandsons moved from our cottage next door to their new home. Again  “empty nesting” phase will need to be noted.

A short stay turned into 2 years and let me tell you as the mother of sons nothing is more rewarding than having that little moment where they just pop in for 5 as they are just next door. We know we should have made more time.

I am pleased to see the back of March April 019 let me tell you.

Every month I go in with a positive plan and approach but some months we are just not in our flow.

Stars, home, personal energy flow, universe is all working on making sure  heavy shxx gets sorted this year. No one is an exception to the rule.

The big one here for me is my MIND – Thoughts and thinking.

2019 the ending year of the Chinese Zodiac the clearing releasing year. 

The year stuff needs to get sorted and LET GO.

For me the hardest thing about living in March/April was what do I LET GO of.

The easy stuff – our things in our homes, sheds and spaces but for me people are the harder ones.

I have done some clearing, but March/April made me dig really deep and clear far deeper than I was or had wanted to go.

Sounds so simple doesn’t it.

Well its not. Even when we know our stuff sometimes its hard. We need to  see the triggers, emotions and patterns to work out what the hell is happening.

Letting go is not easy for me.

Emotionally attached to some things can be just like ripping out our heart when letting go. Yet knowing if you don’t it is all going to come back again. Next time getting uglier and harder to do just that – LET GO. We need to recognise these patterns and emotions and clear them so that we release the triggers.

I cannot wait to share my stories with you over the coming weeks and months. The ENERGY TIPS and CLARITY TOOLS. Tools I used to walk this road through last month. Be it March, June or December all of us are going to have one of those months. We wake up and wonder what the hell just happened.

What universal space did we just fall into. How the bloody hell are we going to get ourselves out of it.  Especially if we do not have our Text supervisor with us. LOL.

That right there is where I will take you “Certainty of Thy Self”.  I will take you through tools and learnings that become your text supervisor. Open you to the wisdom of “YOU ALREADY KNOW”.  The emotional attachment and LETTING GO will be as simple as walking from what NO LONGER SERVES YOU.

(no guarantee that there will not be heart ripping tears),

Just Love,

Blessing until then.


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